10 Underrated Disney Animated Movies That Would Work Better In Live-Action

After stopping the hand-drawn animation, Disney's revival was marked by the rise of the live-action genre which brings 2D characters to life and it began in 1994 with the first film “ Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book”. But it was not until 2010 with the film “Alice in Wonderland'' that the live-action of classic animated works was a wise direction for the studio. Over the years, Disney has made many impressive projects with this type.
The fairy tales or famous movies have been exploited and modified by Disney in a variety of ways. They take advantage of the famous cinematic treasures of the past to make Disney’s billion-dollar empire powerful. In fact, "The Lion King", "Cruella", "Pinnochio" and "The Little Mermaid", are just some of the most recent Disney classics that have been remade for a new generation of Disney fans.
But most of them have always been our favorite films since they were released. What about Disney's lesser-known titles? Which of those could be more successful with real actors than cartoon characters? Which one could be more popular now than it used to be? Here are 10 Disney animated films that can be appreciated with live-action versions.

#1 The Black Cauldron

Source: The Black Cauldron

"The Black Cauldron" has always been an adventure movie, but one with more fantasy themes. Based on an award-winning fantasy novel by Newberry, the story is always there and always loved. The film could certainly become a sought-after hit with its young cast and fresh visuals, especially in an age of fantasy-obsessed viewers (think "Harry Potter" and "Game of Thrones").

#2 Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Source: Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Although Michael J. Fox provided the voice for "Atlantis: The Lost Empire," it never became a Disney classic. If it had a live-action remake, everything might be resolved. When the film was first released, it was more like a traditional action movie with single features than a traditional Disney animated movie. That means it's already got the type of plot that would work even better on-screen with live actors coupled with special effects and CGI. With real stunts, "Atlantis: The Lost Empire" could become the hit it's always dreamed of.

#3 Peter Pan 2: Return to Neverland

Source: Peter Pan 2: Return to Neverland

The original "Peter Pan" was planned to get its own live-action remake, so why not the forgotten part? All of the issues raised regarding this second story in Disney's Peter Pan adaptation could all be remedied in a remake as they were predefined. All the necessary technologies will also be available for "Peter Pan 2: Return to Neverland" if the live-action original is a success.

#4 Robin Hood

Underrated Disney Animated MoviesSource: Robin Hood

Although "Robin Hood" didn't leave the same lasting impression as previous Disney animated films, its fox protagonist and lion "king" before the Lion King existed certainly make it recognizable. Disney is already assuming that a live-action adaptation (along the lines of "The Lion King" and "The Jungle Book") would be a huge hit. They've been planning a live-action remake of the classic, and expect it to rank much higher on Disney's list of live-action films than it does on the animated movies list.

#5 Oliver and Company

Underrated Disney Animated Movies Source: Oliver and Company

The success of "The Jungle Book" and "The Lion King" by Jon Favreau demonstrate that technology can replace the animal stars of "Oliver and Company," which starred Billy Joel. However, "Lady and the Tramp" also demonstrates how successful live-action adaptations can be when real-life animals play the lead roles. Either direction could work in bringing "Oliver and Company" out of the shadows and into the heart of Disney's popularity. The story of several stray dogs and an abandoned kitten never goes out of style.

#6 Brother Bear

Underrated Disney Animated Movies Source: Brother Bear

Like that, "Brother Bear" could have a lot more success as a live-action movie. Any technological concerns regarding "Brother Bear" are no longer relevant as motion capture and computer animation have evolved to the point where animals can achieve lifelike heights on screen. The story is never bad, just never a classic. And perhaps with a living actor trying to find his way back to his own human form, the story can connect more with the audience.

#7 The Jungle Book 2

Underrated Disney Animated Movies235Source: The Jungle Book 2

The Disney animated movie "The Jungle Book 2" has the lowest rating on Rotten Tomatoes, yet it can prove that some animated classics can truly be better as live-action remakes. The 2016 live-action of "The Jungle Book," which was directed by Jon Favreau, scored better on the website than the original movie. That means "The Jungle Book 2" could certainly find its way out of the basement if it were to adopt the same story structure of equipment and treatments.

#8 Pocahontas

Underrated Disney Animated Movies 23545Source: Pocahontas

Despite having some excellent music, "Pocahontas" has always caused some debate due to its lack of historical truth. Perhaps a live-action remake could capture more of its history (like "Mulan") and support the better representation of minorities in terms of casting Native American characters. There's definitely a story there, and this might be the perfect time to rewrite the mistakes and show American history as more than just a "simple" imperial conquest.

#9 Doug's 1st Movie

Underrated Disney Animated Movies 23454Source: Doug's 1st Movie

Before making the transition to the big screen, "Doug" was a well-liked television cartoon. It wasn't the success of the animated original films that Disney pumped out before the new millennium. However, it may be a hit as a Disney + television movie. It will be interesting to see how the Doug characters will go from turquoise to real-life actors. And that could get more love and attention than the original movie.

#10 Recess School's Out

Underrated Disney Animated Movies 2334Source: Recess School's Out

It was never a classic, but the movie was based on a renowned Saturday morning cartoon. If performed by actual actors, the antics of fourth-graders T.J, Ashley, Vince, Gus, Gretchen, and Mikey maybe even funnier. The Disney+ version of the film may be more fan-favorite and fan-favorite than the original animated version, like "Lady and the Tramp".
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