31 Celebrities With Their Strange Body Features That Will Blow Your Mind

We all have something unique that makes us who we are. We won't call our differences flaws, instead, we celebrate the characteristics that set us apart from the crowd.
Scars from life experiences, unusual physical traits, or abnormal body parts are often genetic conditions that we are born with, which make us unique and distinct. Believe it or not, these strange body features are regarded as a factor contributing to our character. It sounds like there's no connection between persona and body patterns, but it does. And it's also what makes us truly awesome!
Of course, our celebrities are not immune to such happenings. Even though some people believe that celebrities are associated with perfection, many celebrities have unusual physical characteristics or body parts, such as actress Kate Bosworth, who has two different color eyes, or Megan Fox, who has clubbed thumbs.
Whether it's slightly webbed feet or a seven-inch scar from a car accident, many Hollywood stars don't and won't hide the things that set them apart. We applaud them for it.

#1 Andy Garcia was born with an undeveloped conjoined twin attached to his shoulder.

Source: Getty Images

#2 Angelina Jolie's Wobbly Knees.

Source: Getty Images

#3 Ashton Kutcher has been hiding webbed feet in his shoes.

Source: Getty Images

#4 Cassandra Naud was born with a birthmark under her left eye.

Source: @cassandranaud

#5 Daryl Hannah only has half of her left index finger.

Source: Shutterstock

#6 Elizabeth Berkley was born with Heterochromia, which causes a brown section in one of her eyes. Her other eye is entirely green.

Source: Pinterest

#7 Forest Whitaker was born with Ptosis of the left eye.

Source: Pinterest

#8 Gerard Butler's left ear protrudes much more than his other ear!

Source: Getty Images

#9 Gigi Hadid used to be embarrassed about her moles.

Source: Getty Images

#10 Harry Styles has got four nipples!

Source: Pinterest

#11 It seems like Oprah Winfrey has six toes, however, this is just a case of good old bunions!

Source: WikiFeet

#12 Jane Seymour has two different colored eyes.

Source: @janeseymour

#13 Jennifer has Brachymetatarsia, a condition in which the pinky toe's bone is shorter and overlaps the others.

Source: Daily Feed

#14 Joaquin Phoenix’s lips have an unusual shape.

Source: Getty Images

#15 Jonah Hill has had a scar on his arm since he was a teenager.

Source: Backgrid

#16 Kate Bosworth With Two Different Colors Eyes.

Source: Pinterest

#17 Ke$ha has admitted to having a tail and recognized how unique it makes her.

Source: Getty Images

#18 Mark Whalberg has a third nipple!

Source: @markwahlberg

#19 Matthew Perry's half of a finger as a result of a door slamming incident.

 strange body features  23536456Source: Getty Images

#20 Megan Fox has clubbed thumbs.

 strange body features  1243333Source: Pinterest

#21 One of David Bowie's eyes appears more significant than the other.

 strange body features 111111Source: Getty Images

#22 Seal's Facial Scars resulted from a disease called Discoid Lupus Erythematosus.

 strange body features  124444Source: Getty Images

#23 Stephen Colbert's right ear protrudes at an odd angle, especially when compared to his left.

 strange body features  234Source: Reddit

#24 Steven Tyler, better known as Aerosmith's frontman, suffers from Morton's Neuroma, a painful condition.

 strange body features  353456Source: Pinterest

#25 Taye Diggs has an extra digit on each hand.

 strange body features  25345Source: Alamy Stock/ Houston Alliance of Volunteers in Medicine via Facebook

#26 The 'sexiest man alive' Denzel Washington with his 45-degree angle finger.

 strange body features  235345Source: Getty Images

#27 The gorgeous Gemma Arterton is best known as the Bond girl, but she should trade that title for 'the girl with six fingers.'

 strange body features  45 352Source: Getty Images

#28 Tom Hardy's pinky was permanently curled.

 strange body features  5345Source: Getty Images

#29 Victoria's Secret model Karolina Kurkova doesn't have a belly button!

 strange body features  563456Source: Getty Images

#30 Vince Vaughn lost the tip of his right thumb.

 strange body features  3452345Source: Getty Images

#31 Zac Efron is also a member of the 'Triple Nipple' squad.

 strange body features  453Source: Flickr

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