4 Animals With Shells That You May Not Know

Shells are many species’ shelters or shields. They help keep these animals safe in their habitat and from predators. Animals with shells are mostly soft and vulnerable. Therefore they involve themselves to maintain the wildlife. 
Here are 4 animals with shells that you may not know

#1. Clam

10 Animals With Shells Covered Their Bodies | Aubtu.biz 3Source: The Japan Times

There are so many clam species, from the tiny ones to the giant ones. The clam has a simple, singular body piece and it needs two same-shaped shells to contain it. Sometimes, there are pearls found in some species.

#2. Prawn

10 Animals With Shells Covered Their Bodies | Aubtu.biz 5Source: TFH Magazine

A prawn has a soft shell covering its body. This is due to its high calcium diet. It helps to protect its vulnerable body. They are the animals that live in lakes, rivers and under the sea.

#3. Armadillo

Source: LiveScience

These are the only mammal animals with shells. It is a leathery armor shell. North, Central and South America are their homeland. Otherwise, there are no other shelled mammals apart from them. 

#4. Crab

10 Animals With Shells Covered Their Bodies | Aubtu.biz 4Source: Pinterest

Crabs’ bodies are fully shielded with their shells, including claws and pincers. They are also really hard to break by the predators. Japanese spider crabs are the biggest crabs with the hardest shells. 
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