5 Amazing Animals With Their Habitat That Is The Coral Reef

Coral reefs provide many species with oxygen, food, and shelter. They are essential to the ecosystem thanks to their distinguishing characteristics.
In this post, we will introduce 5 animals with their habitat which is the coral reef. 

#1. Lionfish

5 Animals With Their Habitat That Is The Coral Reef 1Source: Koox Diving

Lionfishes are beautiful yet venomous and dangerous aquatic animals. The venom they carry may end an adult’s life. Otherwise, they are a beautiful and gentle species living solely in coral reefs. They hide with unique patterns on their bodies. For their shyness, they rarely leave their habitat too far. 

#2. Sea Dragon

5 Animals With Their Habitat That Is The Coral Reef 2Source: Reef Builders

The sea dragon is almost the same as the sea horse with some differences. Notably, they are worse at swimming. Therefore, a sea dragon mainly spends its life living on the reef to camouflage from other predators. In this environment, its vibrant colorful body is easily mistaken for seaweed or seagrass. 

#3. Manta Ray

5 Animals With Their Habitat That Is The Coral Reef 3Source: PADI Pros

A manta ray will have the bacteria and grime on its body cleaned off by the little fish on the reefs. Among these animals living off the reefs, they find a surprising value there. The bacteria and grime are rich sources of food for smaller species. They will spot a manta ray when they swim by and instantly follow it for a nice meal.

#4. Clownfish

5 Animals With Their Habitat That Is The Coral Reef 4Source: The Guardian

Yes, they are Nemo’s species. This beautiful striped species is very vulnerable and can hardly harm any animal. So they habitat in the reefs to keep themselves safe from other species. Another fact about these fishes is that the male one always takes care of his babies. 

#5. Sea Turtle

Source: Newsweek

The sea turtle is one of the few herbivorous animals under the sea. That’s why they will consume a lot of seagrasses which are very harmful to coral reefs. Thanks to these turtles, coral reels are kept healthy and clean. Therefore other species can maintain a better habitat. 
These are 5 animals with a habitat which is the coral reef. Hopefully, we can understand how important they are to biodiversity and the environment. It’s a must to conserve and protect this home of many animals. updates the most interesting stories and news daily. Remember to check out daily for more posts about wild animals and hilarious pet stories!
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