10 Disney Movies Deserve To Have Their Behind The Scenes Documentaries

Disney+ is a streaming service featuring some of the most impressive, captivating, and beloved hits from The Walt Disney Company. From its short animated themes to its full-length series, there is something for everyone to enjoy. But what some people haven't noticed is that Disney+ also features a number of excellent documentaries and docuseries. Not only do they provide a good variety of National Geographic programs, but also a few Disney-produced documentaries.
For example, "Into The Unknown: Making Frozen 2" chronicles the behind-the-scenes process that went into creating one of Disney's most commercially successful animated films ever, "Frozen 2". The documentary has been a resounding success with both fans of the franchise and movie buffs alike. The series succeeded in illustrating the different production requirements that a movie must meet in order to be released in theaters. Moreover, it attracted many new viewers to the numerous parts the various roles that must be filled to produce one of these hit films.
In fact, fans are currently exploring this kind of documentary because this is a completely new method for them to interact with their favorite films. However, there are not many Disney classics-related documentaries on the streaming service. Though not every film has a big deal in production, it's worth recording its creation process. With that in mind, check out some of the most iconic Disney classics worth making behind-the-scenes documentaries below.

#1 Frozen

Source: Frozen

While "Frozen II" has its own documentary series, the first film, "Frozen", could stand to showcase one as well. After all, work on a movie based on a Hans Christian Andersen story started even before the first animated feature from Disney, "Snow White". Before the eventual success of "Tangled", the "Snow Queen" story underwent several changes throughout the years. A documentary may be a fun approach to demonstrate the evolution of Disney animation throughout time.

#2 Sleeping Beauty

Source: Sleeping Beauty

"Sleeping Beauty" had difficulty for ten years. Among the many issues a docuseries could touch on are directors replaced (due to health and creative reasons) and Walt Disney himself personally eschewing entire sequences from the film. The gorgeousness of the eventual movie would lead to a lovely ending, too.

#3 The Little Mermaid

Source: The Little Mermaid

The best documentary on Disney+ might just be Don Hahn's "Waking Sleeping Beauty", which describes how Disney's animation studio nearly perished in the 1980s before the Renaissance. There is a lot of information on "The Little Mermaid", however, the making of this film could have much more depth in the story behind it. Not only just because Jodi Benson, Howard Ashman, and Alan Menken could have saved Disney with one lovely overture, but also because it ties to Frozen's 1930s origins and is a potential package film of Andersen tales.

#4 The Jungle Book

Disney-produced documentariesSource: The Jungle Book

Obviously, Disney's ties to works that are in the public domain and its sway over copyright rules are unavoidable. One of the most fascinating narratives behind this would be the original "Jungle Book". Disney requested that his creative team disregard the details of Rudyard Kipling's original work. Another reason was that it was the final movie Disney himself produced before he passed away in 1966. It'd be a heart-wrenching but fascinating story.

#5 Ratatouille

Disney-produced documentariesSource: Ratatouille

"The Pixar Story", a superb documentary by Leslie Iwerks, is available on Disney+. While this focuses on the studio's early years (including part of Toy Story 2's turbulence), a subsequent book might go more deeply into Pixar's post-acquisition period, starting with "Ratatouille". In addition to Brad Bird's many alterations to the film, a documentary could explore how Pixar escaped from Disney's control. The Blank Check podcast was fascinating enough; a whole series would be downright riveting.

#6 Gigantic

Disney-produced documentariesSource: Gigantic

If "Gigantic" sounds unfamiliar, that's because it was never actually created. Disney decided to discontinue "Gigantic" in 2017 following multiple delays and shelved incidents. It's not the first time a Disney animated film has been killed off during development, but many specifics have been kept under wraps. It was based on a fairy tale (Jack and the Beanstalk) that seems like a surefire hit for Disney. However, even the Lopezes' participation wasn't enough, and it never really took off. It would be an interesting documentary to learn why.

#7 The Emperor's New Groove

Disney-produced documentariesSource: The Emperor's New Groove

A documentary about the making of "The Emperor's New Groove", is called "The Sweatbox". However, a more thorough examination can still be deemed desirable until Disney decides to approve the unedited doc. After all, it's been 20 years since John Goodman and David Spade starred in one of Disney's comedy movies. A look back at the entire creative process behind the debunked effort would be most welcome.

#8 Make Mine Music

Disney-produced documentariesSource: Make Mine Music

The package films from the war years are one aspect of Disney's history that might be interesting to explore. When World War II dominated the globe, Disney began weaving a number of storylines together to save money and time at a period when no one placed high importance on fantasy animation. A docu-series could detail the making of some of these movies, like "Melody Time" and "Fun and Fancy-Free". But it will be most fascinating to explore "Make Mine Music", which is still preserved by Disney to now.

#9 Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Disney-produced documentariesSource: Atlantis: The Lost Empire

What would be most interesting in a documentary about "Atlantis: The Lost Empire" is the simple idea of what could go wrong when everything goes right. The production hummed along efficiently and with valuable creative input from many artists. Atlantis's creation was challenging because multiple iterations were considered at once. However, it was never a conflict. Instead, it had all the ingredients for a smash hit and opens up a new Disney animated movie. In many respects, a documentary exploring the "why" of the troubling results of "Atlantis" would be the boldest story of the ten that Disney could tell.

#10 The Black Cauldron

Disney-produced documentaries Source: The Black Cauldron

If "The Little Mermaid" saved Disney animation, "The Black Cauldron" was the film that nearly killed it. A documentary about this epic blunder from 1985 would be intriguing, mainly because it would highlight the flaws of producer Jeffrey Katzenberg. The solo editing effort of "The Black Cauldron" by Katzenberg, a mysterious figure in Disney history, would be worthy of its own lengthy documentary. However, it would also provide insight into how Disney constantly brightened their dinner offerings throughout the years.
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