9 Super Bizzare Reasons Actors Drank On Set

You should practice acting intoxicated in front of a mirror the next time you are by yourself because it is much more difficult than you probably imagined. Your body motions and voice need to be sloppy without becoming comic, and your speech needs to be slurred just enough so that it doesn't immediately sound like you're acting.
If you have ever wondered whether actors are truly drinking alcohol when they booze it up in Movies or are just extremely adept at method acting, these nine strange facts will offer you the truth behind some of the most notoriously boozy flicks of all time.

1. Nicolas Cage In "Leaving Las Vegas"

Source: Leaving Las Vegas

In Leaving Las Vegas, there's a scene where Nicolas Cage's character loses it at a blackjack table. Cage said on the show Inside the Actors Studio that he was really drunk during this scene, which is not something he usually does. "I never drink when I act, but I wanted to put drinking into some scenes," Cage said. "So, when I'm freaking out in the casino, it's because I'm really drunk."

2. Neve Campbell and Denise Richards In "Wild Things"

Source: Wild Things

In the 1998 movie Wild Things, Neve Campbell, Denise Richards, and Matt Dillon have a scene with just the three of them. The producers decided right before the shoot that Campbell and Richards should kiss on camera. Richards says in her book Real Girl Next Door that she and Campbell got drunk before the scene because they were so nervous: "Neve and I went into her trailer and shared a pitcher of margaritas before we did the scene. Neither of us had ever kissed another girl. We shrugged, clinked glasses, and went for it on-screen."

3. Martin Sheen In "Apocalypse Now"

Reasons Actors DrankSource: Apocalypse Now

Captain Willard had a meltdown in the beginning of Apocalypse Now. Sheen was wasted on set. His character bleeds after punching a mirror. Sheen: I drank then. I was drunk. On my 36th birthday, I'd been drinking all day and could hardly stand. Francis tried to stop me from hitting the mirror, but I yelled, "Stay away." I need it. I wanted to fight the demon. Unplanned planning.

4. Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman In "Practical Magic"

Reasons Actors DrankSource: Practical Magic

Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman play witch sisters in the 1998 movie Practical Magic. They get drunk with their aunts in one scene. On the DVD commentary, Bullock says that Kidman brought a lot of tequila to the set, which the actresses drank a lot of while filming this scene.

5. Brad Pitt and Edward Norton In "Fight Club"

Reasons Actors DrankSource: Fight Club

In Fight Club, there's a scene where Tyler Durden and the person who tells the story but doesn't have a name get drunk and hit golf balls. Why do people believe them so much? Brad Pitt and Edward Norton are really drunk. In the DVD commentary, Pitt said that this was true. "From what I remember, we were kind of in trouble here," he says.

6. Margot Robbie In "The Wolf of Wall Street"

Reasons Actors DrankSource: The Wolf of Wall Street

In The Wolf of Wall Street, Margot Robbie, who played Jordan Belfort's wife, found it helpful to have a drink or three. In her first racy scene, she stood in front of the camera fully naked. Robbie told The New York Times that at 9 a.m., a crew member gave her tequila. Robbie said, "I took three shots of tequila and then took off my clothes and did the scene." "It stopped my hands from shaking and gave me a little confidence boost."

7. Carrie Fisher In "The Empire Strikes Back"

Reasons Actors DrankSource: The Empire Strikes Back

In the scene in The Empire Strikes Back where Han Solo and Leia meet Lando Calrissian in Cloud City, both Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford were drunk. Fisher told The Daily Beast that she and Ford went to a party with the Rolling Stones while they were on set. She said, "We didn't sleep, so we didn't have a hangover. When we got to Cloud City the next day, we were still drunk."

8. Daniel Radcliffe In "Harry Potter"

Reasons Actors DrankSource: Harry Potter

Daniel Radcliffe shocked Harry Potter fans in 2012 when he told Heat Magazine that he had a drinking problem and was drunk from the night before while filming. Radcliffe said, "I drank a lot every day, and I mean every night." "I can name a lot of places where I'm just not there. "Dead in the head."

9. Jennifer Lawrence In "Passengers"

Reasons Actors Drank Source: Passengers

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt have a sexual scene together in the 2016 movie Passengers. Even though there isn't a lot of skin showing, Lawrence was still nervous, especially because Pratt was married. Lawrence told The Hollywood Reporter that she had been drinking before filming the scene, but that didn't help. Lawrence said, "I got really, really drunk." "But when I got home, I was more worried because I thought, 'What have I done?' I'm not sure.'"
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