9 Movie Scenes You Can Believe They Are Not CGI

With technology changing so quickly, just about anything can be shown on a screen. And Hollywood sure knows how to make good use of this technology. We all know that the jaw-dropping scenes in all the big blockbusters were made with computer graphics, but that has never stopped us from enjoying them. But the movie can't be saved if the CGI effects aren't done well. It's important to be careful when using CGI.
The graphics should fit right into the movie if they are done right. When they're not done well, they're a clear eyesore. What is surprising is that many directors choose to shoot scenes that are hard to believe without using any CGI at all.

1. Train Fight In "Skyfall"

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Every new James Bond movie seems to include more risky stunts. In Skyfall, Bond fought an assailant on a train. This training fight was shot without CGI, unlike many others. Despite being supported by thin cords digitally removed from the scene, both actors could have fallen during filming.

2. CASE & TARS In "Interstellar"

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Remember those huge walking machines called CASE and TARS in the movie Interstellar? We could break them up into smaller pieces. CGI was not used to make those machines. Director Christopher Nolan wanted to make those four-sided machines seem more real as if they have their own minds and could make their own choices. To do this, CASE and TARS had to be built and then moved with puppets.

3. Tray Catch In "Spider-Man"

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As soon as Peter Parker is given remarkable spider-like powers, he shows off his rapid reflexes by stopping his crush Mary Jane from falling and catching her cafeteria food on the tray. It took 156 takes to shoot the brief, fluid sequence perfectly. Instead of CGI, the crew had to throw food on a sticky tray and hope it landed as planned.

4. Paris Café Explosion In "Inception"

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I know what's going through your mind. The explosion scene in the Paris café could not have been done without CGI. How can it be? Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page didn't even flinch when the bombs went off. We are talking about Christopher Nolan, who is a director. The explosion was made with air cannons, and the scene was shot at 1500 frames per second. This made it look like the explosions were happening slowly, but the actors barely had time to react.

5. Car Chase In "Death Proof"

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Most actors don't execute their own stunts, especially if they're dangerous. Zo Bell did her own stunts in Death Proof, including the vehicle chase. This scene was shot without CGI, and the stunts were dangerous. Bell was a stuntwoman before becoming an actress and has worked with Uma Thurman in Kill Bill and Lucy Lawless in Xena: The Warrior Princess.

6. Plane Hijacking In "The Dark Knight Rises"

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When Bane and his men take Dr. Leonid Pavel, a nuclear physicist, from a CIA plane, the story feels more real. The plane being attacked and then falling out of the sky looks amazing, and there's a good reason for that: it all happened for real. When it comes to pushing the limits of filmmaking, Christopher Nolan never stops surprising the audience. Even though The Dark Knight Rises is the worst of the three movies, the stunt work in it is impressive and should be praised.

7. Flaming Guitar In "Mad Max: Fury Road"

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Mad Max: Fury Road was nominated for ten Oscars and won six, but the flaming guitar sequence is undoubtedly the coolest. The guitar's flames weren't CGI, despite popular belief. The guitar was custom-made for the film, and the fire was real.

8. Hallway Fight "Inception"

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In Christopher Nolan's movie "Inception," there are a lot of great scenes that don't use CGI. Aside from the explosion in the Paris café, the most interesting scene is the fight in the hallway. In the scene, actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt fights off bad guys in a hall that is spinning because they are in a dream. The scene wasn't made with CGI. Instead, it was shot on a real set that turned. The scene was hard to film because of how hard it was to set up and do shoot.
Inception was so far ahead that it is often called Nolan's most thought-provoking movie. Even though the movie was nominated for eight Academy Awards and won four of them, including Best Visual Effects, it was a terrible injustice that it didn't win Best Picture.

9. Plane Ride "Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation"

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Mission Impossible is a stunt fest rather than a standard Tom Cruise film. The most amazing scene is Rogue Nation's plane ride. Cruise was very excited and willing to do the stunt. True to life! The actor clutched the plane's side before takeoff. Sylvester Stallone relied on stuntman Simon Crane for the Cliffhanger airplane scene, but Cruise risked his life for his fans.
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