Internet Shares That Too Compliant Dogs May Cause Many Troubles

Though dogs are generally friendly and adorable, they might turn stubborn and annoying sometimes. Therefore, many owners enroll their pets in training courses or teach the dogs by themselves. It would be fantastic when your dogs obey your command and behave politely and harmlessly in public spaces. However, even when your dogs follow your order 100%, unexpected situations still are inevitable.
Lately, a Reddit user known as OsStrohsNattyBohsHon shared her hilarious accident with her dog on social media and had the internet in stitches.


The poster introduced her lovely dog, Camden, with a proud tone. She thought the dog was wonderful as he was obedient and affectionate. The Redditor worked from home, so she spent most of her time with her loved pet. In fact, they formed a perfect pair and enjoyed every moment with each other.

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The poster’s house included a backyard and a dog door, and the dog was free to roam around his home. The pet was so well-behaved that he and his owner hardly fought.

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One day, the Redditor called a repair guy to fix some facility in the backyard, so she kept the dog inside the house. The pet was compliant as usual and only asked to go out when he needed to pee. After going out and finishing his job, he kept looking at the repair guy. The owner supposed Camden wanted to linger around the backyard a little more, so she demanded him come back. Although reluctant at first, he complied after a few seconds.
The poster was satisfied with her lovely dog until Camden set foot on the house and pooed in the middle of the floor.

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The twist of this story made netizens burst into laughter. This funny thread has gained nearly 34k upvotes and encouraged many people to share their own stories. Scroll down to enjoy myriads of weird accidents relating to adorable fur babies!

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