Artists Reimage What Disney Villains Would Look Like As Babies And The Results Are So Adorable

While everyone loves and admires the lovely princesses and powerful heroes in Disney films, the villains are the ones that provide drama to the films. Their cruelties help to showcase the positive characteristics of the main characters and allow the films to explore noble human ideals and useful life lessons. But do you wonder if they've been villains since birth? Was there anything different before they let their ambitions and desires expand themselves?
Well, talented artists Vijolea and Chibi Magics have shared their magnificent works to answer any questions! Through a series of animated portraits, the two artists want to showcase the better and prettier origins of Disney antagonists. Indeed, when they were babies, they were just as cute as other kids (though we can still see some of their cunningness).
So, if you're interested in delving into Disney characters, these illustrations will catch your eyes. You'll fall in love with them and forgive them like me, for sure!

#1 Ursula — The Little Mermaid

Source: © The Little Mermaid / Disney© viviennedubois / tumblr

Ursula was once an adorable girl. She looks somehow mild and lamb in this pic. I doubt whether she and the cunning sea witch are even the same person.

#2 Maleficent — Sleeping Beauty

Source: © The Sleeping Beauty / Disney© viviennedubois / tumblr

Can you imagine this cute baby would be a pure devil who is responsible for all misfortune in King Stefan’s kingdom? She looks so sweet with her round face and chubby cheeks. Additionally, she has a raven as a friend. Is it a special pet for a child?

#3 Cruella de Vil — 101 Dalmatians

Source: © 101 Dalmatians / Disney© viviennedubois / tumblr

Cruella de Vil probably is a fashionista villain, and her little version has a knack for being well dressed, either. She looks cute and rebellious at the same time with the two colors of hair. Can you see the black dots that baby Cruella de Vil drew on her little fur coat?

#4 The Evil Queen — Snow White

Source: © Snow White / Disney© viviennedubois / tumblr

The Evil Queen looks like a lovely and sweet baby and always loves apples. In her purple outfit, she appears harmless and innocent. Uhmm, I would accept if a little Evil Queen gave me an apple, but I would say no to the adult one.

#5 Queen of Hearts — Alice in Wonderland

Source: © Alice in Wonderland / Disney© viviennedubois / tumblr

Although her appearance is still much cuter, this re-imagination still shows the queen as a tyrannical and deranged ruler.

#6 Drizella and Anastasia — Cinderella

Source: © Cinderella / Disney© viviennedubois / tumblr

#7 Lady Tremaine — Cinderella

Source:© Cinderella / Disney© chibimagics / instagram

#8 Mother Gothel — Tangled

Source:© Tangled / Disney© viviennedubois / tumblr

#9 Claude Frollo — The Hunchback of Notre-Dame

Source:© The Hunchback of Notre-Dame / Disney© chibimagics / instagram

#10 Madame Medusa — The Rescuers

Source:© The Rescuers / Disney© chibimagics / instagram

#11 Emperor Kuzco — The Emperor’s New Groove

Source: © The Emperor's New Groove / Disney© chibimagics / instagram

#12 Jafar — Aladdin

Source: © Aladdin / Disney© chibimagics / instagram

#13 Captain Hook — Peter Pan

Source: © Peter Pan / Disney© chibimagics / instagram

#14 Hades — Hercules

Source: © Hercules / Disney© Chibi Magics / facebook

#15 Davy Jones — Pirates of the Caribbean

Source: © Pirates of the Caribbean / Disney© Chibi Magics / facebook

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