These 10 Hottest Female Stars Turned Into Handsome Men By A TikTok Artist

Hottest female celebrities always wow us with their gorgeous shape, shining faces, and attractive charisma. Once they have their pictures or videos on social media, they grip massive attention and gain a ton of likes and shares. Fans are so interested in that pics and are even not averse to rummaging all social media platforms for updated ones.
Currently, fans of female stars are so excited about a Tiktok account - @babysbella. The holder of this account remodeled some hottest actresses and singers into what they look like in males. They have gone viral and wildly shared by viewers.
Could you imagine if the pretty Selena Gomez's face had a beard? Or even Kim Kardashian had a crew cut. Scroll down to check out these 10 attractive female stars turned into men. You will be surprised as they're ultra-cool in men's shape.

#1 Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa, or humorously called ‘Duo’ Lipa by one user, look so realistic as a man with Curly long locks and ample facial hair. She basically looks handsome as a man.

#2 Selena Gomez

As a guy, Selena Gomez can melt the heart of any girl with dark curly hair and piercing eyes. Besides, the beard helps to boost the manliness of male Gomez.

#3 Hailey Bieber

Justin Bieber's wife is so good-looking on a man's face. Fans even ogle at the parallels between Bieber's male alter ego and her husband thanks to her change, which includes blonde highlights, defined bone structure, a slender frame, and of course a beard. Yet we can see the resemblance between her male face and his father - the actor Stephen Baldwin.

#4 Bella Hadid

This Bella Hadid male version appears to be by far the most popular with over two million views. Commenters drool over the flowing curling hair and piercing eyes of the male presenting version of everyone's favorite current "it" girl. Users are "falling in love with a man who doesn't exist" in TikToker's creation, with comparisons to Sirius Black, Keanu Reeves, and even Jesus Christ. But this isn't the end of it. Fans clamored for more male copies of their favorite celebs after Hadid's popularity as the opposite gender.

#5 Billie Eilish

Hottest Female Stars

We have mixed feelings about Billie Eilish's frighteningly exact opposite gender transformation...

#6 Gigi Hadid

Hottest Female Stars

Gigi Hadid in her male shoes also graces fans, just as same as her younger sister. Compared with Bella, Gigi has ginger and lighter hair. Male Gigi has been compared to a hybrid of a "Soundcloud rapper" and a "Reddit mod," while others have praised the improved Palestinian traits that have emerged as a result of her transformation.

#7 Kendall Jenner

Hottest Female Stars

One user commented on Kendall Jenner's male alter ego, saying "We got Bella Jesus and now we have Judas Jenner,". And we said, "You can say that again!"

#8 Kim Kardashian

Hottest Female Stars

Kim Kardashian in her male shoe is giving people ‘Middle Eastern Chris Evan' vibes. Besides, her crew-cut head looks so cool.

#9 Kylie Jenner

Hottest Female Stars

Kylie Jenner had the most request for her male version creation. The distinguishing characteristics of a male Jenner are loose, wavy, short brunette hair, a clear complexion, and a broader jaw. People gushed over the unusual appearance of Jenner's male transition, which has been compared to that of his siblings, Brody Jenner and Joshua Bassett.

#10 Zendaya

Hottest Female Stars

Just like Jenner, Zendaya was one of the most frequently requested names. Male Zendaya debuts a buzzcut and just the proper amount of facial hair in place of her typically flowing locks; she really resembles Zayn Malik in this look. Even though the actress seems to be able to carry off any look—I mean, it's Zendaya—it seems that her masculine alter ego is not popular on the internet. What do you think, though? Is it hot? In either case, he unmistakably resembles another Euphoria youth.
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