Internet Supports Woman Who Stops Roommates From Treating Her Dog As Theirs

Finding nice and compatible roommates is challenging for many people, especially pet owners. Pets are considered a member of the house, so everyone should be okay with their presence to live in harmony. While many hope to find a flatmate who helps look after their pet, the poster in the Reddit thread below struggles with the excessive care for her dog of her friends.


A young woman called u/dogdramatics took her conflicts with her friends to the subreddit AmItheAsshole for advice and won the backing of the internet.
The Reddit user lived with her friend for two years until her roommate’s boyfriend moved in recently. All of them and the poster’s 4-year-old dog got along with each other. According to the Redditor, her dog had a strict schedule, and she loved it so much that she slept with it every night.

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Before the boyfriend came to live with them, the roommate wasn’t into the dog. She only coddled it occasionally, and the owner didn’t ask her to help take care of the dog. Everything worked well until the boyfriend showed up, and the couple started to care more about the pet. The dog enjoyed their care and attention, so the poster felt happy about this change.

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Unfortunately, the couple seemed out of line when they fed the dog and walked it without the owner’s permission. The poster disapproved of their behaviors which could indulge her dog and even harm it by messing with its schedule. The flatmates even posted the dog on the internet as if it was their pet. However, when she confronted them, they refuted that they only did that for the dog's sake. After many rows, the Redditor gave it in to keep a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere.

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The problem kept snowballing when one day, the dog owner found out that her pet was stolen from her room to the couple’s room. She lost her temper and raged at her roommates before drawing the line between them and her dog. In contrast, the couple stated she was mean and unreasonable when overreacting to their well-meaning actions.

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Under the story, the public rallied behind the poster and cheered her up because she didn’t do anything wrong. She had total rights towards her dog, while her roommates were disrespectful and rude when treating her pet without her agreement.

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Many suggested the Redditor move out or find a new roommate to prevent further unexpected situations. Some even warned that the dog could go “missing” mysteriously one day if she continued to reside with her current roommates. The couple looked as if they wanted to steal the dog from her, so she had better protect her dog from them asap.

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What do you think about the poster’s roommate? Do you agree that they may take the dog from the owner’s hand at any time? Would you feel irritated if you were in the Redditor’s position? Please share your view with us in the comment below!
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