30+ Times People Refused To Follow The Instructions And The Results Were Incredibly Hilarious

I don't know the reason why, but some people just refuse to follow the instructions of others. Maybe they have big egos and don't want others to tell them what they have to do; therefore, they underestimate others' words. These folks below are some typical examples. I'm totally unsure whether they intentionally or unintentionally failed to understand the simplest instructions, but the final results are so hilarious that you can't miss them.
We have collected those pics from the r/peanutbutterisoneword subreddit. This group was created on February 11, 2018. And now it has over 37.4k members who dedicate their time to sharing hilarious and ridiculous mishaps of people who messed up with given instructions. Of course, they are so funny that they will make you burst out laughing. Now, let's scroll down to see how the 33 people below did with their given instructions.
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#1. 400 degrees (use degrees symbol)

Source: Stubborn_Shove

#2. Radio station informed promo company they wanted same balloons with new slogan

Source: weinermcgee

#3. Came across an intentional one today

Source: idiotgalore

#4. Tattoos are for something important

Source: CaptWineTeeth

#5. Thought this belonged here

Source: thebluereddituser

#6. Ordered a Gromit coffee mug online...

Source: wu-tang-man

#7. My mom's old iPad

Source: miinyuu

#8. Pizza shop asked me” who’s name do you want the order under?” I replied “ my wife Michelle “ this is how they announced her name when she picked up the food

Source: Chill084

#9. The word tattoo in comic sans

Source: TyTheKiwi

#10. While not exactly the same as the gag, this reminded me of the show!

Source: Super_Mario_Sunshine

#11. 30 with stars and sprinkels around it!

Source: Long-Afternoon

#12. Lol

Source: wedgematt

#13. Sending the money now

Source: F1ak3r

#14. Its big brain time!

Source: MalcomLuvsPewds

#15. At least he printed the shirt

Source: Super_Mario_Sunshine

#16. Title

Source: ollyhinge11

#17. Check cause of death

Source: F1ak3r

#18. An old post, but classic

Source: Spuriest

#19. Jewel cake designer took the entire photo and put it on the cake

Source: _kellythomas_

#20. Spanish for not included

Source: 0bsolescencee

#21. My wife just got this huge banner for work. Perfect

Source: 16yYPueES4LaZrbJLhPW

#22. This scene from Parks and Rec

Source: tube32

#23. Bought my friend some custom Lush shower gel

Source: jelly-bees

#24. Make sure that you label them that they contain egg'

Source: DaveInLondon89

#25. Yeah, that seems believable!

Source: TheRedBlade

#26. Decorated the cakes boss

Source: Sp00pyScarySkiliton

#27. Note yellow not yellow yellow again

Source: timisrad

#28. Removed the fullstops, boss

Source: Iinneus

#29. Nailed that one

Source: thatsitrose

#30. He did get what he wanted

Source: potcollage21

#31. Text file on paper

Source: janjon98

#32. When you order blank name tags but they don’t arrive how you thought they would

Source: piercethebit

#33. What happens when IT orders your gear... now instead of 38 iPods with laser engraved sequential numbering, I have this!

Source: tonkapolllo

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