14 Actors Who Took On Challenging Accents In Movies And Nailed It

Learning accent skills is crucial for an actor. If done right, it may improve both actors' performances and the plot in extremely unforgettable ways. However, mastering accents isn’t an easy job. It is incredibly difficult to break an accent that has been religiously established in one's speech and diction since infancy. True! And if you want to be a professional actor, it will be a test of how good your adaptation skills are. Even if you understand the general feeling of the accent, you must perfect it and be subtle with your approach.
Now, we are here to look at some of the most memorable movie performances in which actors portrayed real-life people and perfectly captured their speech patterns. How many different accents can you convincingly imitate? Scroll down to see and tell us in the comments!

#1 Peter Dinklage

Source: Helen Sloan/HBO

The actor who played Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones for eight years was born in New Jersey, so it makes sense that some people are astonished to hear he is not truly British.

#2 Gillian Anderson

Source: Des Willie/Netflix

Anderson effortlessly uses both an American and a British accent because she spent time in both countries growing up. She was born in Chicago and moved to London at age 5, according to The Guardian. She moved back to Michigan when she was 11 and by then, she had spent enough time in both the U.S. and Britain to fluently switch between accents.

#3 Jodie Comer

Source: Laura Radford/BBCAmerica/Sid Gentle

Jodie Comer really is unbelievable on Killing Eve in terms of accent skills. Even the English accent she uses isn't her own natural voice. Jodie successfully switched from British to Russian to French accents in a matter of moments as hitman Villanelle in the BBC series Killing Eve.

#4 Andrew Lincoln

Source: Gene Page/AMC

You might not realize Andrew Lincoln isn't American if you watch AMC's "The Walking Dead." Lincoln told the Independent in 2013 that his English accent no longer seemed natural to him since he spent so much time speaking in his character Rick Grimes' Southern drawl.

#5 Nicole Kidman

Source: Vince Valitutti/Hulu

Nicole Kidman is a tremendously talented actress, but Masha's false Russian accent distracts from her performance. Later in the series, Kidman tries to balance her carefree nature with her loss, but her remarkable acting talents diminish as a result of her dedication to her Russian accent. ( phần text này nên dùng quá khứ thì hợp lý hơn)

#6 Jared Leto

actors nailed challenging accentsSource: Apple TV+

In the new series WeCrashed, the Oscar winner plays Adam Neumann, a charming Israeli businessman who speaks so brilliantly that people believe everything he says.

#7 Colin Firth

actors nailed challenging accentsSource: Courtesy of HBO Max

Firth masters Michael Peterson's unique voice in the HBO Max series The Staircase. Toni Collette, his co-star, was also thrilled, telling him in an interview with E! News, "You nailed it! You sound exactly like him."

#8 Julia Garner

actors nailed challenging accentsSource: Netflix

Julia Garner stars in the upcoming Shondaland Netflix series "Inventing Anna" as Anna Delvey, a socialite scammer who duped many people out of their money. Aside from her con-artist behavior, Anna has a highly distinct accent that is difficult to recognize. Anna Delvey's accent is a blend of Russian and German, resulting in a unique cacophony of pronunciations that Garner had to master to portray this part. Garner stated, "I want everyone to Google how she sounds."

#9 Amanda Seyfried

actors nailed challenging accentsSource: Beth Dubber / Hulu

Amanda Seyfried knew that a big part of portraying Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes in Hulu’s upcoming limited series “The Dropout” was getting the voice right… twice. “I speak at such a higher level than she does naturally. So even though she was deepening her voice more and more to what we all understand is for power's sake… I still couldn’t get all the way there,” said Seyfried.

#10 Kate Winslet

actors nailed challenging accentsSource: Michele K. Short/HBO

The Academy Award-winning actress, who was born in England, said in an interview at the CTAM Winter 2021 Press Tour panel on the “Mare of Easttown” that learning the Delco accent was one of the toughest dialects she’s had to master for an acting role.

#11 Martin Freeman

actors nailed challenging accentsSource: FX

In the FX spinoff Fargo, the British actor tackled the Minnesotan accent, and you have to hear it to believe it.

#12 Hugh Laurie

actors nailed challenging accentsSource: Isabella Vosmikova/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Lots of people were shocked to find out that Hugh Laurie, who played the lead character in the medical drama House, was British. He hadn't had major exposure in the US before that role.

#13 KJ Apa

actors nailed challenging accentsSource: Dean Buscher/The CW

In the CW drama series "Riverdale", KJ Apa plays Archie Andrews, a former high school football star with a love of music and a desire to keep his town safe. All-American, right? Apa, on the other hand, was born in New Zealand, where his mother is from. His father is Samoan and a matai in his community in Samoa. His red hair in Riverdale is not his natural color!

#14 Anya Taylor-Joy

actors nailed challenging accentsSource: Netflix

Anya's upbringing in Buenos Aires, London, and other countries made it challenging for her to nail Beth's American accent in Netflix's short series The Queen's Gambit.
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