20 Movies About Mother And Daughter That Will Make You Want To Call Your Mom

A mother-daughter relationship is, in fact, one of the most powerful bonds in the world. This sacred relationship often involves sacrifices. And there are times when there are more downs than ups, which causes stress and strain.
Since this relationship is so special and inspirational, a lot of movies have been made about it. And we've compiled a list of the best mother-daughter duo movies that will make you smile, laugh, cry, and realize how much you love your mom.
You don't have to wait until Mother's Day to enjoy these films. Simply pick a movie that you enjoy from this list and ask your mother to join you. After a long day, what's better than watching a movie about mother-daughter love and telling your mother how much you love her? Give her a break from all of the work or housework that she so desperately needs.
While some films are emotional and heartbreaking, others will make you laugh. Let’s see the top 20 mother-daughter duo movies and let us know your favorite.

#1 "Brave" is a rare Disney film in which the mother lives, and she has a complicated relationship with her adolescent daughter, Merida.

Source: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

"Brave" proves that even Pixar can handle a complicated mother-daughter relationship and succeed. Merida learns that her mother only wants the best for her, and her mother learns to love Merida for who she is, not who she wishes she was.

#2 "Dumplin'" is a Dolly Parton-inspired film about a mother and her daughter learning to respect each other.

Source: Netflix

Although many of us have probably wished Jennifer Aniston was our mom (or sister, or friend) at some point in our lives, "Dumplin'" shows that it's not always what seems to be. While the two have difficulty communicating and understanding each other, it's clear that love exists — all it takes is a beauty pageant, a few drag queens, and a magic act to bring it out.

#3 "Hairspray" is about racism, body positivity, and, most importantly, the relationships between mothers and their daughters.

Source: New Line Cinema

"Hairspray" is filled with mother-daughter relationships: Tracy and her mom Edna, Little Inez and Maybelle, Penny and Prudy, and even Amber and Velma.
In each scenario, the mother is simply trying to do what she believes is best for her daughter, whether it's prohibiting her from watching TV and dancing, allowing her to join the cast of a TV Show, or even, in the case of Velma, cheating.

#4 "Lady Bird," tells many stories, but the central part is about a complicated mother-daughter relationship.

Source: A24

Lady Bird and her mother Marion turn from enemies to best friends in an eyeblink, just like real mothers and daughters. Even if you only watch the first and last scenes of the film, it's easy to see why both actresses were nominated for Oscars. Never before has a mother-daughter relationship on film been so realistic, painful, and loving.

#5 "Mamma Mia!" is about Donna's love for her girl Sophie, regardless of who her father is.

Source: Universal Pictures

Even though the identity of Sophie's father is the central mystery of "Mamma Mia!" the true love story is between Sophie and her mother, Donna. The ABBA songs and Greek views are just icing on the cake.

#6 "Postcards from the Edge," another Shirley MacLaine movie, was written by Carrie Fisher and based on her semi-autobiographical novel of the same name.

Source: Columbia Pictures

"Postcards" stars Meryl Streep as Suzanne and Shirley MacLaine as her mother Doris, both of whom struggle with substance abuse, working in Hollywood, and romantic relationships.

#7 "Raising Helen" is a film for the out-of-the-ordinary family: adopted, chosen, biological, or anything in between.

Source: Buena Vista Pictures

Helen must learn to be a mother by giving up her untamed ways after her sister and husband die, leaving their three children in her care. Helen, played by Kate Hudson, has adorable scenes bonding with each child, but the plot revolves around her relationship with Audrey, played by Hayden Panettiere.

#8 "Steel Magnolias" is about a women's community, yet it's more about Shelby and her mother, M'Lynn.

Source: TriStar Pictures

The relationship between M'Lynn and her daughter Shelby in "Steel Magnolias." will make you laugh and cry.  It also shows how much a mother would go to help her daughter, even if M'Lynn didn't understand or agree with Shelby's decisions.

#9 "Terms of Endearment" focuses on Aurora and her daughter Emma's close relationship.

Movies About Mother And DaughterSource: Paramount Pictures

If you decide to see "Terms of Endearment," bring tissues with you. The film, starring Shirley MacLaine, follows Aurora and Emma, a mother-daughter duo who are very close despite constantly fighting. Each woman's bond remains constant throughout her life, love, and relationships.
This movie won five Oscars, including best actress, best director, best picture,  and best supporting actor.

#10 "The Joy Luck Club" has four strong mother-daughter duos that are worth learning from.

Movies About Mother And Daughter Source: Buena Vista Pictures

The film "The Joy Luck Club," based on Amy Tan's novel of the same name, tells the stories of the clubs' four members and their relationships with their daughters. Each mother has a message or a lesson to teach her daughter about their life in China.

#11 "The Princess Diaries" is more of a grandmother-granddaughter story... but we believe it still qualifies.

Movies About Mother And Daughter Source: Buena Vista Pictures

Grandmothers are also mothers! Mia (Anne Hathaway), also has a lovely relationship with her cool artist mother. They even go rock climbing and make balloon art together! Mia's mother never thought Mia needed a makeover because she loved her daughter just the way she was.
The most adorable scene in "The Princess Diaries" has to be when Queen Clarice (Julie Andrews) lets her hair down to simply enjoy a day in San Francisco with her granddaughter.

#12 "Turning Red" is another entry in Pixar's mother-daughter film canon.

Movies About Mother And Daughter Source: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

"Turning Red," Pixar's latest film is about Mei Lee, the 13-year-old daughter of Chinese-Canadian immigrants. When she reaches puberty, she discovers that when she is upset or excited in any way, she changes into a massive red panda.
Mei must learn to accept her family's curse and to stand up for herself while also respecting her mother throughout the film, and her mother must learn to accept Mei.

#13 Before you stream anything, go see "Everything, Everywhere, All at Once" in theaters.

Movies About Mother And Daughter Source: A24

"Everything Everywhere All at Once" is about a lot of things, but it's mostly about the strained relationship between a mother, Evelyn, and her daughter, Joy, played by Michelle Yeoh and Stephanie Hsu, respectively.

#14 In "Akeelah and the Bee," Angela Bassett plays Tanya, the mother of the spelling bee Akeelah (Keke Palmer).

Movies About Mother And Daughter Source: Lionsgate Films

While Tanya initially rejects her daughter competing, she later decides she needs to support her daughter in pursuing her dreams, even if they scare her and even if Akeelah may fail — a heartwarming message.

#15 When mom Tess and daughter Anna magically swap bodies in "Freaky Friday," they learn about each other's lives.

Movies About Mother And Daughter Source: Buena Vista Pictures

"Freaky Friday" should be a must-watch movie for every teenager and mother. Anna and Tess spend a few days trying to live each other's lives and discover that they both face challenges such as the Battle of the Bands, new husbands, parenting, detention, and more. They don't stay swapped forever, but they do come out with a healthy respect for one another.

#16 Both Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts play mothers in "Stepmom."

Movies About Mother And Daughter Source: Sony Pictures Releasing

"Stepmom" celebrates the relationships between mothers and daughters, stepmothers and stepdaughters, and, most importantly, an ex-wife and a new wife.
As this family shows, there is no limit to how many family members one can have, and each family is different. This is for all of you stepmothers and stepdaughters out there.

#17 In "Troop Beverly Hills," a mother teaches her scout troop important lessons such as never leaving someone behind, even if they are competitors.

Movies About Mother And Daughter Source: Columbia Pictures

Shelley Long stars as Phyllis, a Beverly Hills housewife who decides to become a troop leader to stay connected to her daughter, Hannah.  Despite her lack of experience, Phyllis becomes a surrogate mother to her troop members and learns some valuable lessons along the way.

#18 Make it an ABBA double feature by including "The musical Mamma Mia! We're at it again."

Movies About Mother And Daughter Source: Universal Pictures

The sequel to "Mamma Mia!" improves on all that made the original great: beautiful people in beautiful Greece, ABBA, and Donna and Sophie's bond, even if Meryl Streep isn't in it much. Lily James portrays young Donna excellently, demonstrating how much she loved her daughter in just a few scenes.

#19 Not everything about "Mermaids" has aged well, but the complicated relationship between Rachel and her daughter Charlotte remains relatable to this day.

Movies About Mother And Daughter Source: Universal Pictures

Winona Ryder plays Charlotte in the film, for which she received a Golden Globe nomination. She and her mother Rachel (Cher) couldn't be more different, which causes a lot of conflict in their home. However, as one would expect, the two finally come to understand other's decisions.

#20 "Little Women" is primarily a sister film, but something about Jo's scenes with Marmee makes us tear up.

Movies About Mother And Daughter Source: Sony Pictures Releasing

The March sisters' bond is unbreakable and the film's heart, but the true family leader is their mother, popularly known as Marmee, played by Laura Dern.
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