10 Meaningful Messages In Disney Movies That We Only Recognize When Growing Up

There are many reasons why Disney Movies are the most special things to many of us, and even though we're grown up, our love for them never get faded. When we were kids, they taught us the difference between right and wrong, and gave us belief in good things with many great lessons behind each storyline. When we grow up, these lessons become a great inspiration for our lives and career. They inspire us to find our voice, pursue our dreams, and take the right path.
No matter how old we are, we can always learn a lesson about strength, determination, courage, and kindness from each Disney movie. Whether you are having a bad day or just need motivation to keep up with work, and with life, let’s review these super profound moments with us. It’s like giving ourselves resting time to reflect and heal. Let’s take a moment to look deep inside, and talk to yourself to find inner peace. Are you ready?

#1 Finding Nemo

Source: Finding Nemo

When it comes to messages aimed directly at adult audiences, "Finding Nemo" is the first Disney movie that comes to our minds. This movie deals with different issues, from trauma to the struggles of being a single parent. The theme of the film is not Nemo, but Marlin and his journey to reunite with his son. Marlin goes through many emotional hurdles to find his boy again though his fin is wounded. He eventually comes to realize that he can trust his child.

#2 A Goofy Movie

Source: A Goofy Movie

If there's one thing everybody may take away from "A Goofy Movie", it's that communication is essential in life. In fact, many of the conflicts in the film could have been easily avoided if the two leaders had learned to communicate effectively. Moreover, it also reveals what really strengthens the father-son relationship through Max and Goofy story.

#3 Mary Poppins

Source: Mary Poppins

Considered by many to be Walt's magnum opus, Mary Poppins takes more than just her magic charm to the screen. Behind Disney's stereotypical fickleness lies a call for parents to change their way of thinking. Mr. Banks is so focused on giving his family a good life that he forgets to enjoy them in the process. It might appear to be a straightforward anti-workaholic message, but it's really about re-evaluating your priorities.

#4 Soul

Messages In Disney MoviesSource: Soul

"Soul" tackles some seriously complex topics for a kids' movie. But if one were to choose just one lesson for grownups, it would have to be the scenes involving the lost souls. There is a thin line between dedication and obsession, as Mystics Without Borders has shown. It's so easy to become lost under the burdens thrust upon by life's pressures and pursuits that one forgets what they're living for. For Pixar, it is some really uncharted ground.

#5 Inside Out

Messages In Disney MoviesSource: Inside Out

"Inside Out" not only lets viewers go inside an animated mind, but also raises awareness of the importance of mental and emotional health. That's a message that both youngsters and adults should hear over and over. In the absence of Joy and Sadness, Riley's emotions get out of balance, and her behavior reflects the turmoil and chaos inside. This movie gives viewers of all ages an opportunity to better understand their emotions with a visual representation of complex subjects.

#6 Up

Messages In Disney MoviesSource: Up

"Up" is Pixar's infamous emotional movie. There are many things implied in the screenplay, but if there is one lesson that adults will understand more than children, it's how to process grief. Unresolved feelings can truly weigh the spirit down. Carl is practically bearing the weight of his wife's death on his back in the shape of their house. He won't have the journey of his greatest desires until he is ready to let go of his anguish.

#7 Bao

Messages In Disney MoviesSource: Bao

"Bao" is a very intriguing short film for kids, but its message could be meant for parents. The story follows a lady who unexpectedly gives birth to a baby bao dumpling, but her overprotective ways prove to sour their relationship. The storyline naturally reflects a parent's feelings about letting their children become more independent. While they start off as tender as the titular dumpling, they do need to grow up and learn to navigate life on their own.

#8 Beauty And The Beast

Messages In Disney MoviesSource: Beauty And The Beast

The moral of this story is as old as time is something children learn early on, but adults who are mingling in the dating scene might require a strong reminder that a potential partner might be like Gaston, a human but underneath is a beast. The overt lesson is that beauty comes from the inside, but the covert message is that the ugly may also go undercover. The relationship between Belle and Gaston can be a good example. Even if someone possesses all the qualities thought to be desirable in a partner, this is meaningless in the absence of a lovely soul.

#9 Guardians Of The Galaxy (Vol. 1 & 2)

Messages In Disney MoviesSource: Guardians Of The Galaxy (Vol. 1 & 2)

The "Guardians of the Galaxy" aren't the first people one would think to learn a valuable lesson from, after all. In spite of this, Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and Groot serve as a poignant reminder that an established family unit can be stronger than one that is forged by blood. At times, the Guardians' camaraderie and cooperation surpass those of the Avengers. "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" reiterates the message of finding one's own family unit and the relationships that can be made, as the previous film established what can be accomplished when they work together.

#10 Tangled

Messages In Disney MoviesSource: Tangled

While "Tangled" is largely about the story of Rapunzel, the movie also includes a message about toxic relationships, abusive parents, identity thrown in the mix, along with magic hair. Mother Gothel serves as the ideal illustration of a gaslighting, manipulative, and emotionally abusive mother figure. Children might not understand these serious subjects, but adults can relate to the story to some extent or may recognize some of these real-life elements.
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