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Bumblebee (2018) is a sci-fi robotic movie produced by Paramount Pictures. It is a spinoff for the long-term Transformers franchise, concentrating on portraying the yellow-friendly autobot Bumblebee. Despite the first movie is well received, is there any current plan for Bumblebee 2?

#1. It's Modest Success. 

Will Bumblebee 2 return to theater? | <a href=AUBTU.BIZ 1" />Source: Paramount

After Transformers: The Last Knight (2017), the studio decided to produce the pre-quel spinoff. The first 3 Movies of the franchise were such hits in box office, even expanding its market to China, a billion individual market. Otherwise, their sequels were steadily declining both commercially and critically. Paramount had to set aside the series and started a whole new project, which is Bumblebee.
As expected, the spinoff gained many positive reviews. Otherwise, it grossed more than $600 million, not really impressive for a high budget sci-fi movie plus promoting investment. It is barely profitable.
After its premiere, the next Transformers movie was scheduled. Due to Covid-19, they have postponed the release to mid-2023. 

#2. Current Status.

Will Bumblebee 2 return to theater? | 2Source: Paramount

Until now, there is no plan for Bumblebee 2. The whole team now focuses on the next Transformers movie, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts. Micheal Bay, the director of the first 5 movies, officially stopped directing this franchise after Transformers 5. Its success mainly comes from the screenplay and visual effects, not the characters or storyline. As long as audiences are satisfied visually, they will keep coming for the next film.

#3. Possibility In The Return.

Will Bumblebee 2 return to theater? | 3Source: Paramount

Bumblebee 2 remains unannounced until now. But it does not mean it will not happen. The upcoming project for this franchise is already in discussion and it might be the spinoff’s sequel. It is still a potential well-known franchise that Transformers is. An animated series was made based on it. It is still possible to meet with Bumblebee in other projects if not Bumblebee 2. will keep you updated with more exciting news and funny stories. Check out our movie and celebrity updates for more fun stuff.
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