20+ Nostalgic Pics That Only ‘80s and ‘90s People Can Relate To

"All grown-ups were once children, but only a few of them remember it." Indeed as we got older, we left a lot of memories behind us. Those memories can be the outdoor playgrounds full of decorations and slides where we used to play. It can also be a pocket-sized game console like the Tamagotchi that keeps us entertained all day long. Or it can even be the sound of dial-up internet whenever you get access. Even though we know not all memories are happy, re-remembering them never fails to warm our hearts and make us feel at ease.
Therefore, we've gathered a mini collection of nostalgic stuff from all over the internet for you to enjoy. We believe that even if you were not born in the 80s-90s, you still feel nostalgic after reading this. If you find our collection interesting, please share and let us know in the comments section below.

#1 The struggle of losing one of those pieces.

Source: millennial_misery

#2 Not 12-years-old me asking my mom for a fedora hat and a matching trench coat after watching The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley.

Source: JayHillary

#3 It wasn't???

Source: KevinFederline82

#4 "This pic hurts my head; like old times."

Source: Cautious_Target7432

#5 The real internet struggle.

Source: shubham231194

#6 You either burn alive or electrocute yourself.

Source: throwbackmachine

#7 This old school library book pocket card.

Source: Jfonzy

#8 "A gamer being born, 1993."

Source: Marcus_Mystery

#9 It wasn’t very convenient but it was super cool!

Source: ancieli_ka.sara_swati

#10 "If you know what these are, you’ve probably seen dinosaurs alive."

Source: AntonBelyayev1

#11 Some people say that 18 years later he still has not completed the tutorial level for Driver.

Source: Blakesta444

#12 "Avengers" pen.

Source: todoastrologia

#13 How "blocking" someone used to work.

Source: djfokusmwe

#14 Netflix during the 90s.

Source: 90smadness

#15 The thinner the better they said.

Source: popculturedmemes

#16 The parent trap preference will forever be HILARIOUS.

Source: millennial_misery

#17 I can feel the electric shock in my fingertips.

Source: CreepingXxstoryX

#18 Looks about right.

Source: JustThinkClearly

#19 I can play these games all day.

Source: millennial_misery

#20 How we used to clean dirty mouse balls:

Source: JustThinkClearly

#21 The darn nets always came off for me.

Source: childhoodplug

#22 Ah yes, the seasonal Solitaire.

Nostalgic Pics Source: toastytech

#23 Will soon be considered a fossil.

Nostalgic Pics Source: deboramaldonad0

#24 Everyone wanted one of these in 1996.

Nostalgic Pics Source: ProductofNZ

#25 You can hear this picture.

Nostalgic Pics Source: Praskovia Volkova

#26 That brings back fond memories of using a spoon like a crowbar to get the lid off.

Nostalgic Pics Source: NiceNSweet

#27 This Trix Yogurt by Yoplait.

Nostalgic Pics Source: defactosithlord

#28 "So no one told you life was gonna be this way.."

Nostalgic Pics Source: NBC/Warner Bros. Television

#29 “Don’t touch the equalizer! I have it set perfectly.”

Nostalgic Pics Source: Ok-Hotel3872

#30 "Troll dolls. I had so many as a kid and I wish I still had most of them."

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