5 Amazing Domesticated Animals Native To Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful country located in Southeast Asia. Apart from its gorgeous coast, Vietnam is also known for its biodiversity.
In this article, we will take a look at a few domesticated animals native to Vietnam, including dogs, cats, horses and water buffaloes.

#1. Phu Quoc Ridgeback

5 Amazing Domesticated Animals Native To Vietnam 1Source: SieuPet

It is one of the most expensive and rarest dog breeds in Vietnam. There’s a spiky trail of hair on their back, that’s what explains their name. Phu Quoc is an isolated island in southern Vietnam, surrounded by the Gulf of Thailand. This species is named after the island because they are only found here. Many legends and myths say that it is linked to the fled king of ancient time. Therefore, they are more lovable and respected. Nowadays, people tend to choose Phu Quoc ridgeback if they want a smart, loyal and active buddy in their houses.

#2. Dingo Indochina

5 Amazing Domesticated Animals Native To Vietnam 2Source: ThuCanh

This dog breed is believed to be a mix of wild dingos and Vietnamese domestic dogs. As a result, it has several wild behaviors remaining. It is one of the animals native to Vietnam in the northern mountainous areas. They help people greatly while hunting thanks to their great senses. Furthermore, they look really lovely in their golden fur.

#3. Hmong Horse

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They were tamed thousands of years ago for packing and riding. This special horse breed in the northern provinces is able to climb high mountains. There was a least one horse in every family back then before motorcycles became popular in Vietnam. These small horses are smart, friendly and very durable. Therefore, they are also great at being flexible and speedy.

#4. Water Buffalo

5 Amazing Domesticated Animals Native To Vietnam 4Source: TuoiTre

Vietnamese water buffalo is essential in Vietnamese history. They have been a great assistance to Vietnamese farmers long ago. They used to be a symbol for a wealthy family. Then, only the rich could afford a large number of buffalo and oxes. In the SEA Games 2003, this country chose this animal as its mascot. It is also the national animal of this country.

#5. Vietnamese Short-haired Cat

Source: CatDogViet

If you have a chance to visit Vietnam, you will see this breed everywhere from the cities to small towns. Cats are vital to keep the house clear of mice. They are also very easy to take care of and are independent pets.
Among these animals native to Vietnam, which one you would love to keep as your pet? will provide you with funny stories and informative news daily. To update more about cute pets or wild animals, simply check out our Animals section
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