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Redditor Wins Public Support After Refusing To Adopt Niece’s Dog

Though many people adore pets such as cats and dogs, not all are willing to raise one. An animal will come along with a huge responsibility that not anyone can handle. Unfortunately, some don’t think it is a big deal to take care of a pet, so they get one without a second thought. When they finally realize it is a challenging task, they have to struggle to find a new owner for the poor pet.

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Posting on the subreddit AmItheAsshole, a user shared his story and won the backing of the internet. The poster’s brother decided to grant his daughter’s wish by giving her a dog as a birthday present. Although the little girl was over the moon at first, she was fed up with her pet after a few weeks. Not only the daughter but all family members also wanted to be freed from the responsibility for the dog.

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The Redditor used to persuade his brother not to take the dog in without careful consideration, but his advice was ignored. When it turned out he was true, the brother looked for help from him. His sibling thought he would be familiar with taking care of an animal because the poster kept a gecko as a pet.

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In response to the request, the Reddit user claimed that big pets such as dogs, cats, and rabbits are likely to pose a threat to his gecko. The lizard may be frightened to death, meaning he couldn’t take the dog in. His brother convinced him by promising to provide the dog with all the necessary stuff as long as he took care of it. It sounded like the dog was an old toy that its owner was no longer fond of and wanted to throw away asap.

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The poster determined to refuse to adopt the pet, which drove his brother mad. The dog owner threw a fit and yelled at the poster for forcing him to find another way to rehome the pet.

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Under the story, netizens laughed at the brother’s ridiculous thought of raising a pet. He should have never underestimated the job of taking care of an animal. He had made a mistake, so now he had better be accountable for it. On the other hand, the poster did nothing wrong when he tried to protect his pet.

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Some slammed the dog owner for his irrationality. He should have realized his fault and strived to correct it instead of blaming other people.

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A user also shared that reptiles such as geckos could live in harmony with other pets, so it was possible if the poster wanted to have the poor dog. However, if he wasn’t into that idea, he had the right to refuse the pet.

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Do you think the Redditor’s brother is unreasonable? What would you do if you were in the poster’s shoes? Do you know anyone regretting adopting a pet? Please share your thoughts in the comment below!