14 Celebrity Ex-Couples Who Still Worked Together After Breaking Up

No matter how people claim it to be, breakups are hard. Especially when it is your coworkers you were dating.
There is a reason why office romance is a problem. From hindering work to favoritism, there are lots of consequences to dating somebody you work with. Also, it's a nightmare for your HR department. Knowing this, plenty of people are willing to risk their job for a little romance in the workplace and get burned by it. Severely.
This applies to celebrities as well, especially actors who have to sign contracts that bind them to projects, TV shows, or movies for years. This makes dating and breaking up with another actor from the same cast super awkward.
I mean, imagine having to work with someone who you share the most intimate moments with. Not everyone can handle that stress. Cordial or not, here are 14 celebrity ex-couples who stayed together for work.

#1 Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse

Source: © DFree/Shutterstock.com© Riverdale/Berlanti Productions and co-producers

Lili and Cole met in 2017 while co-starring on Riverdale, and they soon began dating in real life as well as on the show. Even though their romance ended in 2020, the two actors are still working together on the ongoing Riverdale series.

#2 Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake

Source: © Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Getty Images© face to face/Reporter/East News

Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake dated for four years before calling it to quit in 2007. Nonetheless, a few years later, both of these celebrities accepted leading roles in the comedy Bad Teacher.

#3 Blake Lively and Penn Badgley

Source: © East News, Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

When the Gossip Girl co-stars split up, they kept it a secret from the show's staff for months. They acted out romantic scenes without complaint and remained friendly on set throughout the series production.

#4 Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki

Source: © Jean_Nelson/Depositphotos.com© The Big Bang Theory/Chuck Lorre Productions and co-producers

Kaley and Johnny are other couples who had to pretend to be in love after breaking up in real life. They played Penny and Leonard on The Big Bang Theory for several years and had a good relationship.

#5 Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder

Source: © Frank Micelotta/Invision/AP/East News© The Vampire Diaries/Outerbanks Entertainment and co-producers

Despite their split in 2013, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder could easily reprise their roles as a couple in the Vampire Diaries series. Furthermore, they remained friends in real life, and there were reportedly no awkward moments between them during filming.

#6 Jennifer Lawrence and Nicolas Hoult

Source: Pinterest, eonline

After splitting up in real life, the former sweethearts returned to filming together for the X-Men franchise without incident. Nicholas Hoult joked that working with his ex-girlfriend again was like "going back to school after the summer holidays."

#7 Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick

Source: © Bim/Broadimage/EAST NEWS

The couple dated on and off and had three children together before finally splitting up. Despite the breakup, they both continued to appear on the Kardashian family's reality show.

#8 Amanda Seyfriend and Dominic Cooper

Source: WireImageMark Sullivan, © East News

These former lovers met while filming "Mamma Mia!" and began dating. Despite their breakup a few years later, Amanda and Dominic collaborated on the sequel to "Mamma Mia!" in 2018.

#9 Jennifer Aniston and Tate Donovan

Source: © Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images© Friends/Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions and co-producers

These two actors got engaged, but they never said "I do" to each other. Friends' characters Jennifer and Tate were falling in love with each other just as they were splitting up in real life.

#10 Milo Ventimiglia and Alexis Bledel

Source: © s_bukley/Depositphotos.com© Gilmore Girls/Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions and co-producers

The Gilmore Girls stars, like many other couples who met on set, continued filming together even after they split up. Years after their four-year relationship ended, the ex-couple collaborated without issue on the Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life reboot.

#11 Gwen Stefani and Tony Kanal

Source: Getty 

When Gwen Stefani and Tony Kanal met and fell in love, they were both members of the band No Doubt. The two called it quits after a long relationship, but that doesn't mean they stopped being friends and bandmates.

#12 Zoe Saldana and Bradley Cooper

Source: © Jim Smeal / BEImages/EAST NEWS

When Zoe and Bradley were filming The Words, they fell in love and ended up dating for a year. While Zoe told an interviewer that she doesn't usually keep in touch with her ex-boyfriends, she had no problem working with Bradley Cooper after their divorce.

#13 Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan

Source: © s_bukley/Depositphotos.com© Alias/Touchstone Television and co-producers

Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan's on-screen romance became off-screen in 2003 when the two began dating. Even though they ended things in 2005, they continued filming Alias for another year.

#14 Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

Source: © Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Getty Images© AFP/EAST NEWS

Despite their divorce, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony co-parent their children while remaining close friends. Jennifer even stated that working with her ex-husband helped them reconnect by repairing certain aspects of their relationship.
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