15 Most Genius Ideas We Still Can't Believe Aren't More Common

The moment to act is now if you want to contribute to saving our world. Take Greta Thunberg, for instance, who, although being only 16 years old, has already established herself as an activist and delivered a statement at the most recent UN Climate Summit. And don't let the fact that you aren't making speeches in front of international leaders demoralize you. There are several things you can do to help, including becoming active, expressing your opinions, and using less plastic. However, there are times when you think you could be accomplishing more, and at those times you require inspiration.
Have you ever had a design idea that was so good that you thought, "Hey, that should exist everywhere while these geniuses did and they did something about it"? Not all of these ideas have made it around the world yet, but I believe it's only a matter of time. Let's look at some of the most amazing ideas in the world that should exist everywhere.
These straightforward answers, which range from rethinking elevators to coming up with inventive ideas for medicine bottles, demonstrate the genius of candor. It's frequently the little things that get in the way because we're always rushing around and trying to accomplish a million things at once. Check out the life hacks we can use to deal with them by scrolling down and voting for these awesome pictures! Be sure to share this post on your social media if you find this helpful or entertaning.

#1 Shower foot rest

Source: flickr

#2 This Japanese shower

Source: Metaweb / GNU Free Documentation License

#3 Have a ball

Source: : flickr / CC0

#4 The love tub

Source: Metaweb / CC-BY



#6 Toilet seat pedal

Source:  Metaweb / CC-BY

#7 Magnetic soap holder

Source: flickr / CC0

#8 Wash your hands and reuse the water for your next flush


#10 Free coffee in exchange for some rubbish

Source: awkwardlondoner

#11 These traffic lights in ukraine

Source: kfinny99

#12 The design of this water fountain lets the water flow down so dogs can drink too

Source: rubenmleon

 #13 This toothpaste describes both its ingredients and their purpose

Source: TheLonelyCaricature

#14 This elevator has a call button 30 feet away so the doors will be open by the time you get to them

Source: lukeallen1

#15 This pill bottle lid tells you when you last opened it

Source: CptnBo

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