14 Makeup Flaws From Movies That Fans Didn’t Notice

The success of a movie involves the effort of many different people: writers, directors, actors, editors, costume designers, and makeup artists. In fact, when enjoying a movie, not many really consider the work of the makeup team. Whether the characters are crime victims or turning a young person into someone older, they are one of the most important factors in making the characters look realistic. Additionally, they play a significant role in supporting writers and filmmakers in telling a story on the big screen.
However, in some cases when the script is great, the cast is perfect and even the camerawork is amazing, a makeup problem may make the viewers’ watching movie experience incomplete.
Today, we’ll show you times when movie creators thought almost everything through, except the makeup.

#1 The Help (2011)

Source: © The Help / DreamWorks

During the movie, Emma Stone had to wear a bad wig – curly hair, which is obviously fake.

#2 The Hunger Games (2012)

Source: © The Hunger Games / Lionsgate Films

In a scene when Katniss had to fight for survival in the forest, her face must have looked as soulless as possible. However, she still had a perfect skin tone.

#3 Brid Box (2018)

Source: © Bird box / Netflix

During the entire movie, Sandra Bullock’s character wore mascara and eyeliner. But every time she needed to leave home, she had to wear a blindfold.

#4 X-Man: Dark Phoenix (2019)

Source: © X-Men: Dark Phoenix / Marvel Entertainment

Most of us are impressed with Jennifer Lawrence’s look in “X-Man: Dark Phoenix”. Despite her unique blue skin and red hair, they didn’t match much together.

#5 Dallas Buyers Club (2013)

Source: © Dallas Buyers Club / Voltage Pictures

Matthew McConaughey had to lose 50 pounds to fulfill the sick Ron Woodroof. While the actor was doing very good work, the makeup artists didn’t think everything through. Due to the disease, his teeth ought not to be pearly-white and have ulcers on his lips.

#6 Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

Source: © Captain America: The Winter Soldier / Paramount Pictures

After a fierce fight, it’s hard for Black Widow to keep perfect makeup. Her cosmetics were still in place, and her face wasn’t sweaty at all.

#7 Burlesque (2010)

Source: © Burlesque / Screen Gems

Cher’s character made a few attempts at doing Christina Aguilera's makeup and that resulted in makeup that only a professional artist could do.

#8 Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

Source: © Mrs. Doubtfire / 20th Century Fox

The transformation of the main character deeply affected the movie. But many might not realize that something was off about the cute old lady. She had an unrealistic nose and wrinkles, and young eyes.

#9 The 100 (2014-2020)

Source: © The 100 / Warner Bros. Television

In a scene when civilization survived 2 apocalypses, the main character Clarke wakes up from cryo-sleep with carefully done eye makeup.

#10 Salt (2010)

Source: © Salt / Sony Pictures Entertainment

Angelina Jolie’s character is depicted to have a natural blonde but in fact, it looks so bad. Her hair looks more like Barbie-doll hair.

#11 Lost (2004-2010)

Source: © Lost / ABC Studios

The characters in the movie survive a plane crash and end up on a deserted island. But in these cases, they still have eyeliner and plucked eyebrows.

#12 Pulp Fiction (1994)

Source: © Pulp Fiction / Miramax

Uma Thurman’s character’s hair length and styling change several times within one scene.

#13 Thor (2011) and The Avengers (2012)

Source: © Thor / Marvel Studios© The Avengers / Marvel Studios

During his work in Thor, Chris Hemsworth had to lighten his eyebrows, which looked ridiculous. In an interview, the head of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige shared, “there are a couple of shots I watch and I’m like, oh my God, that poor guy, we made him freaking dye his eyebrows! That’s ridiculous!”. In the next film, his eyebrows are darker.

#14 Titanic (1997)

Source: © Titanic / Paramount Pictures

Despite Kate Winslet’s beauty in “Titanic”, her makeup wasn’t suitable at the time. In fact, the character didn’t have such bright makeup, only suffragettes had red lipstick, as a protest.
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