The Best 4 Fun Entertainment Animation Series To Watch

Entertainment animation series, Movies or TV shows, are always fun to follow up. It’s a world full of joy and exciting moments. Once you enter the animated world, everything is possible.
Simply check out these franchises that we strongly recommend for an entertaining experience.

#1. What If…? (TV Series)

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It is the latest animated series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The show introduces every possibility in the Multiverse. What if Doctor Strange were a zombie? What if Loki were not adopted by Odin? Or did Ultron succeed over the Avengers? This series will take you on a trip to other universes where things are different from the Earth-616. Moreover, you will have the chance to meet your favorite characters again, but completely in other ways. It is a must-watch if you are an MCU fan. 

#2. Despicable Me & The Minions (Movie and TV Series Franchise)

4 Fun Entertainment Animation Series To Watch | 2Source: Illumination Entertainment

Since the first Despicable Me movie premiered in 2010, it became a global sensation for the fun storyline and crazily adorable characters, especially the little yellow short-legged minions. They even have their own language! By far it is the most successful franchise from Illumination Entertainment. The latest film Minions 2 just made its way to theaters and still performed so well in the box office, even after 12 years. Nobody can hold their laughter watching these fun entertainment animation movies and series! 

#3. Wreck-It Ralph (Movie Franchise)

4 Fun Entertainment Animation Series To Watch | 3Source: Disney

The two movies of Wreck-It Ralph take you on an adventure with old video game characters. They are somewhat a new type of superhero/Disney princess movie but not the typical. The game world is colorful, magical but also dangerous and risky. The first one was well critically acclaimed despite being a Disney work. It is far different to other basic Disney works. 

#4. Kungfu Panda (Movie and TV Series Franchise)

Source: DreamWorks Animation

If you are fond of Asian culture and martial art, this will be a perfect choice for you. It is one of the most remarkable franchises from DreamWorks Animation, together with other iconic series such as Shrek and Madagascar. It is always hilarious when a chubby panda eventually ends up as a kungfu master. There are also several short films and TV series produced after the popular trilogy. will keep you updated with more exciting news and funny stories. Check out our movie and celebrity updates for more fun stuff.
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