Gwen Stefani's Biggest Hits Of All Time - Ranked

Last year, Gwen Stefani was married to country star Blake Shelton. The expected couple finally ended up together after years of flirting on The Voice US.
Let’s rewind her greatest hit songs throughout her career, starting from a vocalist in the band No Doubt. 

#1. Don’t Speak (Under No Doubt)

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It was the rock band’s first No.1 song in the US and lasted 16 weeks on charts. This hit received well recognition outside the States as well, such as Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom,... Its popularity and durability is undeniable until today. Many games and movies feature the hit song. Furthermore, its sample was also used by many other singers for their songs. On the world's biggest streaming platform YouTube, it is No Doubt’s most viewed song with over 900 million views and still counting.

#2. Hollaback Girl

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This is by far the biggest solo hit from Gwen Stefani. It topped the US and the Australian music charts and landed high positions in other countries also. Influenced by hip-hop, dance and rock genres, the song remains iconic until now. Plus, Gwen’s styling had a huge impact on other pop girls as well. Hollaback Girl is a symbol for Y2K sound and fashion. It is the most successful hit of Gwen Stefani commercially. Reasonable to say, it was a cultural reset. Gwen became a main pop girl of the 2000s thanks to this song.

#3. The Great Escape (Feat. Akon)

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Following the success of Hollaback Girl, she released another hit song featuring Akon, one of the most famous rappers back then. It charted well in several countries and earned Gwen and Akon a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals. 

#4. 4 In The Morning

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It did not perform quite as well as her previous singles. Otherwise, it was critically acclaimed with several positive reviews. It is her most known and sung ballad. It showed another aspect of Gwen and her music in general, other than just a dynamic fun pop girl.
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