12 Most Insane Demands Actors Have Had Written Into Their Contracts

The whole world would change a little bit when we have some powers. If you are an A-list actor, you can be rich and famous and in demand. When it comes to movie contracts, some movie stars are free to set their own legal requests and conditions. Normally, they demand some requests about a driver, a chef, or a fancy trailer.
However, everything goes beyond our imagination. Some stars have some weird things in their contracts. Barbra Streisand, for instance, demands peach-hued toilet paper served in any bathroom during the shooting. OMG! We are filming, aren’t we? But, who knows? She has the right to claim because it’s written as a contract clause. It might sound crazy but no one could deny her demand.
Find out more insane things written into the actor’s contract that will blow your mind. Keep scrolling down and enjoy!

#1 Tom Cruise

Source: @who2

Tom Cruise was said to demand personal screenwriters, even when the production crew already had screenwriters. The actor explained that he need to make sure his lines meet his high standards.

#2 George Clooney

Source: @imdb

In the thrilling movie Gravity, George Clooney made it more thrilling when requesting a house to be available, along with a basketball court, for him to stave off boredom while he was filming.

#3 Samuel L. Jackson

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Samuel L. Jackson is regarded as one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood. Now, he can refuse roles he doesn’t like, and also sign a contract that let him play golf twice a week.

#4 Jack Nicholson

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Jack Nicholson loves enjoying a well-deserved retirement. But while he was working, his contracts had some amazing requests that the actor was allowed to take time off from filming Batman so that he could still watch Lakers games from his customary courtside seat.

#5 Barbra Streisand

Source: @imdb

Barbra Streisand is known as a bit of a diva. Her contractual demand that any bathrooms she uses have to have peach-hued toilet paper to mirror Streisand’s complexion, combined with rose petals in the toilets, just adds to that perception.

#6 Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, and Vin Diesel

Source: @jasonstatham/ Instagram

If you ever doubted that these Fast stars were competitive, check this out: they had a special contract drawn up for the trio that required each star to take an equal amount of pain in the flick, also making sure that no one was seen to have lost a fight.

#7 Lindsay Lohan

Source: @elle

When filming The Canyons, Lindsay Lohan signed a contract that compelled her to show up in a four-way sex scene in the movie. She was game to shoot the scene but requested the production crew to strip down along with her.

#8 Uma Thurman

Source: @imdb

In the contract for Eloise in Paris, a movie that never got finished, Uma Thurman requested her dressing room to be better than anyone else’s dressing room.

#9 Eddie Murphy

Source: @thecityceleb

Many of us are particular about our underwear, and Eddie Murphy is the same. Murphy is said to wear a new pair of underwear and socks every day he’s filming. The actor even asked the film crew to keep the tags on the sock and underwear to prove that they were exactly new pairs.

#10 Paris Hilton

Source: @people

Paris Hilton required “unlimited” live lobsters and high-end Grey Goose vodka when she took her big role in The Other Guys.

#11 Mark Wahlberg

Source: @imdb

Wahlberg was the first choice to portray the role that eventually went to Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook. Still, his contract had a weird clause that would give him $900,000 if the female lead of the flick dropped out of the role. Certainly, both Wahlberg and the original female lead, Anne Hathaway, finally gave the roles to Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence.

#12 Roger Moore

Source: @giornaledibrescia

If you wonder why Roger Moore’s James Bond spent more time puffing on cigars than he did in the movie? That’s because his contract let him access unlimited Montecristo cigars during the shooting.
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