Is There Any Chance To See Pacific Rim 3 Again On Big Screens? 

Legendary Pictures has released several successful sci-fi monster franchises such as Godzilla and King Kong. In 2013, Pacific Rim premiered and raised hope for another hit franchise. Anyways, after the release of the sequel Pacific Rim Uprising in 2018, Pacific Rim 3 still remains unannounced. 
Now, let’s get to know what is the story behind the disappearance of a promising series.

#1. The Sequel Did Not Meet The Expectations

Source: Legendary Pictures

The first movie was directed by Guillermo del Toro. He also wrote the script with Travis Beacham, who wrote the original story that del Toro found inspiration for his movie. It earned $411 million from the box office, making it the highest-grossing del Toro’s film.
At first, it was not a hit movie domestically. The movie made roughly $100 million in North America. But internationally, it gained unexpected interest especially in China. Surprisingly, its gross in this country surpassed $110 million. 
So the plan for the sequel had started. Unfortunately, del Toro could not continue as a director and a screenplay writer due to conflicting schedules for another project. When the film came out, it was not received very well both critically and commercially. Unlike its name Uprising, the sequel is more like Downgrading. 

#2. There Has Been No Plan For Pacific Rim 3

Source: Legendary Pictures

Following the sequel’s failure, Legendary had never made an announcement in the three-quel. They began making a MonsterVerse with Toho monsters, Japanese gigantic beasts. The former director del Toro joked several times about merging Pacific Rim into the MonsterVerse. Otherwise, he also confirmed that Pacific Rim 3 was not in the upcoming list, leaving the fans with disappointment. 

#3. It Is Still Not A Dead Franchise

Source: Netflix

Seeing the potential of this series, Netflix have stepped in. It collaborated with Legendary to produce the anime series Pacific Rim: The Black based on what happened in the first two movies. So if you are still looking for Pacific Rim 3, it does not exist. But this anime might somewhat satisfy your curiosity on what continues to happen in this universe.
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