Redditor Unexpectedly Received Rude Reaction When Offering Homeless Person A Loaf Of Bread

When the 21-year-old man went to Target to buy some groceries, he spotted a homeless person pleading with passersby (including him) for food. He actually tends to become extremely concerned about safety, living in the city, and never engaging in conversation with strangers.
But on that particular day, he went out and got a loaf of bread and handed it to the guy. He offered the bread by simply holding it out physically without saying a word. When they next asked him for food, he wondered if they would want it.

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Unexpectedly, the person became really unpleasant and rude, asking what on earth they would eat it with. He started making hand signals while calling the man stupid. What particularly bothered the man was how he was incredibly impolite to him while behaving kindly toward other bystanders, even when they kept ignoring him and continuing on.
Some people are finding it quite offensive that the man offered this person a loaf of bread, acting as though he were treating them like a dog or a duck. However, he only gave them that because he also always ate plain bread whenever he was hungry or was short on cash between paychecks. He doesn't want people telling him he's the AH, but he doesn't want their perceptions of him to be imbalanced.

Source: u/Spare_Violinist

Luckily, thanks to most comments, he's been motivated by many of the folks in this thread and wants to keep helping, either through a food drive or charity.

Source: u/Spare_Violinist

According to the account named Kami_no_Yami, instead of food, that person probably preferred money so they could use it for something else. That's why they reacted like that when they did not receive what he really wanted.

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MayhemWins25 added that despite having the correct intentions, the man was a little careless. In his case, he usually just asks them what they want, and if he doesn't have any cash on him, he asks to get them something small from somewhere like CVS. People can also have diverse wants and preferences. It's very typical for people to repeatedly give or offer the same things because it's most convenient for them.

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New_Equal3762 explained more that since you want to help and are donating something you need to survive when hungry, there is a lack of communication and understanding on both sides. To feel like they have some choice and respect in their lives, they want aid but want to be asked how they need it and what they want to eat.

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Homeless persons frequently lack teeth and have poor access to dental treatment. If somebody saw the bread, they might offer something to put on it because bread is soft enough to consume without using teeth, according to Rude_Girl69.

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