3 Facts About Abby Turning Red That You Don't Know

Abby is a Turning Red character who has caught the attention of fans all over the world. Let's get to know her more
Here are 3 facts about Abby Turning Red that you don't know

1. Fans Think Abby From "Turning Red" Is Boo From "Monster's Inc."

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 The TikTok video shows Abby joyfully cuddling Mei in her red panda form because she is so fluffy. The theorist mentions that Boo liked how fluffy Sulley was, and even shows another image of Boo holding Sulley in the same way that Abby cuddled Mei. Many people on Twitter commented that Abby resembled a little older version of Boo and that she liked the red panda so much because it subconsciously reminded her of Sulley. Fans also detected a subtle allusion to Pixar's "Monsters, Inc." in Abby's outfit, as the flowers on her purple dungarees mirror the design on Boo's do

2. There is a real-life version of Abby Turning Red

Source: Home.vn

Source: Home.vn

In the clip, a girl named Natasha excellently dressed up as little Abby in Pixar's Turning Red animation. Not only from clothes, and accessories to colors, but even gestures, mouth and eyes are deeply reminiscent of the most adorable and animated character in the movie. Even Natasha imitated Abby's "becoming meme" expressions and made everyone laugh because they were too similar. The current Natasha account has more than 46 million likes and 2 million followers on Tik Tok. Turning Red's Abby is not the first and only character that she transforms into, but currently is the character that gives her the most interactions.

3. Abby From Turning Red Have Down’s Syndrome?

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 A tweeter user tweeted: “People saying Abby from Turning Red might have Down’s syndrome and I am honestly so here for that. Abby’s like this little ball of energy. And very loving. Very passionate. But comes up a little too explosive at some times. I would say she loves her friends so much, especially when they’re fluffy.”
According to WebMD, Down’s syndrome is a genetic condition that causes mild to serious physical and developmental problems. “People with Down’s syndrome are born with an extra chromosome. With Down’s syndrome, this extra chromosome leads to a range of issues that affect you both mentally and physically.”

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Apart from the Down’s Syndrome theory, fans were pleased to see children with diabetes referenced from time to time in the movie- particularly a young girl who is seen to have a diabetes patch on her arm. A Twitter user who noticed this in the film tweeted, ‘’This was so cute. My sister was watching this movie with me and she pointed it out and said “hey I have one of those!!” (She’s diabetic with Down’s Syndrome)”
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