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  1. 1. He is the first to find out the truth about Reiner, Bertolt, and Annie.
  2. 2. He prevents Daz from trying to suicide
  3. 3. He's the reason Jean joined the Survey Corps
  4. 4. He Performed Equipment Maintenance With Armin
  5. 5. The reason why Marco AOT died?

5 Secrets About Marco AOT That You Don't Know

Marco AOT is one of Attack on Titan's most caring and idealistic characters. Let's find out more about him.
Here are 5 secrets about Marco AOT that you don't know

1. He is the first to find out the truth about Reiner, Bertolt, and Annie.

Marco Bodt Aot : Everything You Need To Know
When Marco's body is discovered following the mission to reclaim Trost, the audience and characters believe he was slain by a Titan. However, it is revealed later in the anime that Marco's death was significantly more terrible. It was the outcome of him discovering the truth about Reiner, Bertolt, and Annie before the others did. After realizing he's overheard their chat and admitting they're Titans, the three of them seize Marco's ODM and leave him for dead. A flashback to this time makes it very evident that they are to blame for what happened to him, but anyone who missed that episode is likely to believe he was the victim of a Titan rather than someone who was killed.

2. He prevents Daz from trying to suicide

Attack On Titan 10 Facts You Completely Missed About Marco - Pagelagi
In the midst of all the tragedy occurring during the Battle of Trost, it's easy to miss a small detail like Marco saving his fellow cadet's life. Daz, the cadet in question, actually attempts to kill himself rather than face the Titans. Thankfully, Marco steps in and stops him from doing so. This is one of those small moments that speak volumes about Marco's character, and it's a shame it's so easy to miss or forget about. (These scenes do provide a compelling incentive to rewatch the series though.)

3. He's the reason Jean joined the Survey Corps

Attack on Titan Wiki on Twitter: "In celebration of both Jean's birthday and the 6th year anniversary of the first Attack on Titan opening. Here's Jean's version of it again for you
Marco is the reason Jean decided to join the Survey Corps rather than the Military Police. After Marco is killed in battle, Jean concludes that this is the greatest way to honor his friend.

4. He Performed Equipment Maintenance With Armin

Attack on Titan's most recent episode showcases Armin's greatest weapon temporarily taken
Armin casually mentions that he and Marco would maintain their equipment together following the latter's death. While this originally seems like an unimportant piece of information, it plays a big part in uncovering the truth about Annie. Given that Armin was often in close proximity to Marco's equipment, he recognizes it when Annie tries to pass it off as her own. This is how he discerns that she's lying to them about something -- and eventually connects her to the Female Titan they encounter during the second half of the season.

5. The reason why Marco AOT died?

Attack on Titan: Why did Marco Bott have to die?
In a flashback in Attack On Titan episode 52, it was revealed that Marco overheard Reiner Braun and Bertholdt Hoover, two other cadets, discussing their capacity to change into Titans just before he passed away. Additionally, Reiner and Bertholdt disclosed that the past two wall breaches were the result of their Titans. Marco then concluded that they were acting against their ostensible allies as a result of this. After deciding that they couldn't let Marco live, Reiner, Bertholdt, and their fellow traitor Annie Leonhart took out his weapons. Therefore, the three of them choose to watch while Marco is slowly slaughtered by a Titan rather than killing him themselves. is a website that provides you with Entertainment information and creative ideas to refresh your days. To know more about updated entertainment news, visit our site daily.
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