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Mammal animals live in water such as oceans, rivers and lakes, called aquatic mammals. This group is divided into marine mammals and freshwater mammals. They are able to live entirely or partly under the water. Let’s find out some of the most popular species. 

#1. Dolphin

4 Significant Mammal Animals Live in Water | <a href=AUBTU.BIZ 1" />Source: BBC

There are over 40 species of dolphin on our planet. They live in both the oceans and the rivers. The dolphin is among the most intelligent animals on earth. Therefore, they might get trained to do many tricks as well as military missions. Initially, the Soviet Navy was the first navy in the world to train dolphins for its marine activities. 

#2. Whale 

4 Significant Mammal Animals Live in Water | 2Source: New Scientist

Animals live in water including whales. They are the most gigantic animals on the globe, under the sea or on land. The biggest species goes to blue whales. They are longer than 80 meters and weigh more than 80 tonnes, making them the largest mammals and animals existing. Whales used to dominate the water in every ocean, until the 19th century when humans started to hunt and kill them serially. For this reason, the population of whales decreased drastically. 

#3. Sea-Cow

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Or the other name is the sirenian. They are rarely herbivorous mammals that live under the water. Sea-cows are adapted to both freshwater and seawater. Their diet includes mostly seagrass and other marine plants. Add to that, their habitat is subtropical and tropical seas.

#4. Narwhale

4 Significant Mammal Animals Live in Water | 4Source: WWF

Many people call them the unicorns of the ocean. They have a special long tusk. Significantly, these whales are used to the cold regions which are the Arctic waters near Canada, Russia and  Greenland. In history, the Inuit, native to Canada, hunted them for meat and their tusks. Nowadays, this species has been well protected. 
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