4 Majestic Animals With Horns And Antlers |

Mother nature is incredible. She gives the predators the sharp teeth and claws together with amazing strength. Otherwise, she creates several herbivore animals with horns or really strong leg muscles to resist or run away.

Let’s take a look at 4 species with fascinating horns and antlers.

#1. Scimitar Oryx

Source: Animal Photos

Reported to be extinct in the wild, these oryxes are conserved and bred well in captivity. Plus, they are also called scimitar-horned oryxes due to their horn shape, which is similar to a scimitar, a type of curved blade. Notably, these oryxes that may weigh over 200 kilos for a grown bull, making them one the largest oryx species.

#2. Moose

Source: National Geographic

The moose is a member of the deer family. Among animals with horns and antlers, they are probably the largest and heaviest, up to 700 kilos for a bull and 500 kilos for a cow. Therefore, they need to consume a great amount of food to maintain. The moose lives in subarctic climates across Eurasia to North America, where there are boreal forests and temperate broadleaf and mixed forests. Moreover, their antlers are also majestic for their size and shape.

#3. Lord Derby Eland

Source: International Animal Exchange

They are native to North Africa, specifically the sub-Sahara. This animal is the largest antelope species in the wild with a 3 meter body length. Their horns are also huge with a V shape and are spiraled heavily and are available to both sexes. Being hard to spot in the wild, they used to be hunted down to entertain and as trophies. Fortunately, conversation steps have been taken to protect this magnificent species.

#4. Markhor

Source: Encyclopedia Britannica

They are a big goat species living in Central Asia and the Himalayan. Due to its distinguishing horns, in Pakistan people also call their other name screw-horned goats. In which country they are the national animals. Furthermore, they share many similarities with domestic goats, but are bigger and hairier.

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