13 Surprising Items That Made Celebrity Looks Iconic

While many celebrities are well-known for their talents and wealth, others make a great impression on their beauty. Famous people make anything to create a cool and unique look that is not vulgar. No celebrity is perfect. Many don’t like certain parts of their bodies and try to hide them by wearing gloves, shoes, or even ribbons.
Just using simple items, celebrities make their look so beautiful and even iconic that when it comes to them, we remember their looks with these items. For example, Marilyn Monroe, one of the most iconic female screen legends of all time, often appeared in gorgeous dresses with light-colored fur, or Lady Gaga is known for wearing shoes with huge soles.
We’ve gathered photo archives and found the stylish details that celebrities used to spice up their looks. Scroll down to see them.

#1 Frida Kahlo - flower crown

Source: © Image Barbara Cushing / Everett Collection / EAST NEWS

Frida Kahlo is a Mexican painter known for her many portraits, self-portraits, and works inspired by the nature and artifacts of Mexico. In 2012, she became a fashion icon and appeared on the cover of Vogue. She put on multi-layered embroidered clothes, attractive ethnic accessories, and flowers in her hair.

#2 Marilyn Monroe - light-colored fur

Source: © Courtesy Everett Collection / East News

When Marilyn Monroe was alive, she often appeared in gorgeous dresses, paired with fur coats that caught huge attention. A fur stole that she wore for 2 premiers was sold at an auction for almost $18,000.

Source: M. Garrett

#3 Catherine Deneuve - shoes with a metal buckle

Source: © Belle de Jour / HBO Max

In the movie “Belle de Jour”, we notice that Catherine Deneuve often wore Roger Vivier shoes that revealed the main character’s feelings. After it was released, the shoes quickly became popular and the actress still works with Roger Vivier today.

#4 Brigitte Bardot - hair ribbons

Source: © Courtesy Everett Collection / East News© AFP / EAST NEWS

In “Viva Maria!”, actress Brigitte Bardot wore hair ribbons that were popular until now. Stylists think that Bardot didn’t try to look more feminine, she was just mocking her own image of a seductress.

#5 Grace Kelly - headband and Hermes bag

Source: © Archive Photos / Moviepix / Getty Images

Grace Kelly became one of the most prominent and influential actresses in Hollywood and eventually met and married Prince Rainier III, becoming the Princess Consort of Monaco. When starting dating the Prince, she wore simple but elegant clothes. She also brought her black Hermes bag to hide her belly.

Source: © ASSOCIATED PRESS / East News

#6 Michael Jackson - white glove

Source: © ASSOCIATED PRESS / East News

To make himself cooler on the stage, Michael Jackson wore a white glove. It not only grabbed fans’ attention but hid his vitiligo.

#7 Iris Apfel - giant glasses

Source: © Image supplied by Capital Pictures / EAST NEWS

Iris Apfel always thought that glasses were a cool accessory, so it’s not surprising when she often appeared with glasses. Her glasses became really trendy: people specifically look for glasses just like hers.

#8 Jane Birkin - wicker basket

Source: Laurent MAOUS

It’s hard for Jane Birkin to find the right bag, which is the reason she always had a wicker basket. She even bought one of the baskets that villagers in Portuguese carry fish.

#9 Lady Gaga - shoes with huge soles


Lady Gaga showed fans when appearing in a pair of iconic shoes from Alexander McQueen in the “Bad Romance” video. The 12-inch-high shoes absolutely matched her style.

#10 Karl Lagerfeld - fingerless gloves

Source: © Orban Thierry / ABACA / Abaca / East News

People spotted the image of Karl Lagerfeld wearing his famous gloves. Some said that he believed wearing gloves made him more powerful, while some thought that he wanted to hide them because his mom said that his hands weren’t attractive.

#11 Elton John - unusual glasses

Source: © ALBERTO PIZZOLI / AFP / East News

Elton John collected more than 250,000 pairs of glasses and one of them is heart-shaped glasses which became popular. At the age of 13, he admired legendary singer Buddy Holly so he imitated his idols that hid his eyes behind glasses.

#12 Kurt Cobain - woolen cardigan

Source: Frank Micelotta Archive

Kurt Cobain liked wearing baggy and old T-shirts. The green cardigan that he wore on MTV Unplugged became iconic. Even someone bought it for 334,000 dollars.

#13 John Lennon - round glasses

Source: © Screen Prod / Photononstop

As a child, John was nearsighted. The first time that he wore glasses was on the set of “How I Won the War”. Over time, he found a model that he liked, he wore golden frames and started putting on darkened lenses. Even when turning 31, he couldn’t see his guitar without his −8.25 and −7.5 diopter glasses.
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