Reddit User Denounced For Asking Husband With Broken Ankle To Cook Dinner

It was horrible for anyone to get injured and go through surgery. Not only suffering from terrible pain, but the patients also have to take a leave from work or work from home. Furthermore, trivial tasks around the house, such as cooking and cleaning, become challenging for them. While most people could understand their misery, the poster in the Reddit thread below does not.


Lately, a woman took her conflict with her husband to the subreddit AmItheAsshole for advice. Her spouse had surgery for his broken ankle nearly a week before, so he had been staying at home for recovery. Therefore, the poster suggested that he should be responsible for their dinner. The man had to depend on a cast and crutches to move around, but he said he would try his best.

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Nonetheless, the plan did not go well as all the husband could prepare were grilled cheese and soup. After a few dinners with that menu, the Reddit user could not stand it anymore, so she decided to bring it to her partner. She hoped he could make dinner with more diverse and nutritious ingredients. The man insisted that it was out of the question since he should avoid moving the injured foot most of the time. Besides, the pain from his wound was too much to do what the wife asked.

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While showing a little sympathy for the pain, the woman claimed he could prepare better meals if he tried more. After the discussion, the husband changed the menu with some delivery food, which disappointed his wife again.

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Unsurprisingly, the couple had a row over dinner. The man was tired of the wife’s overbearing manner, so he left for a friend’s place. In contrast, the poster believed that her wish was reasonable, and her husband seemed to neglect her feelings.

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The post has gained 6,500 upvotes and 4,1000 comments on the internet. In response to the story, the public criticized the woman heavily for her lack of sympathy and ridiculous requests. Though her husband was at home, he was in such an awful condition that he should not stand in the kitchen to cook. He had done his best to satisfy the poster, but what he got back was her complaints instead of a grateful attitude.

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Many stated that the Redditor was inconsiderate when asking her husband to cook in the first week after his surgery. Undoubtedly, the man needed time to rest and recover. Some shared their own experience that a broken foot caused so much pain that they could do nothing but keep the foot elevated. They also argued that dinner with grilled cheese and soup sounded tasty, so the woman should not have made a fuss about it.

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After being slammed by the internet, the poster realized her fault and decided to apologize to her partner. She also intended to find help from a family member in making food prep with her.

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The Redditor’s workload was too much, which explained why she hoped her husband could lend her a hand in making dinner. Additionally, she defended herself against the public's accusation of an appalling wife since she usually took a greater part of the responsibility for housework.

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What do you think about the poster? Do you side with the husband as many netizens do? Have you ever gone through a similar situation? Please comment your views in the section below!
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