Public Rages At Woman Who Gets Upset When Not Receiving Wanted Gifts From Husband

Birthday gifts might cause a headache for many people, especially when the items are for our significant others. Even married couples who have lived together for several years still struggle with this problem. Though we want to surprise our beloved ones with a meaningful present, it is challenging to know what they need. Sometimes, gifts on the birthday that are supposed to strengthen the relationship lead to conflicts and misunderstandings between the couples.


Lately, a 39-year-old woman complained to Reddit users as she did not receive what she wanted from her husband on her birthday. The post in the subreddit AmItheAsshole has gained 7,600 upvotes and 2,500 comments, most of which laid into the Redditor for her unreasonable manner.
The poster planned to go on a vacation with her mom and her brother on her birthday. Though her husband stayed at home with their 3-year-old child and their dog, he encouraged her to have quality time with her family.

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The husband even prepared birthday gifts for her before the trip. All the presents were practical so that the woman could use all of them for her vacation. Nonetheless, she still looked forward to a smartwatch and a new bag that her husband had promised to buy for her.

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Because the poster was so picky that she often had to exchange gifts to match her interests, the husband suggested shopping for the items together. Unfortunately, they did not make it due to their hectic schedules.

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The woman hoped that her husband would startle her with the gifts before the day she left, but she was disappointed.

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She was upset for not having the desired items during the trip. When she returned home, she stressed her husband by telling him he should have chosen her gifts and surprised her.

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Understandably, the man took offense at the wife’s attitude. He felt unfair as he had supported her in everything but still got complaints. In contrast, the poster wished he would be more thoughtful and realized her strong desire to own those items.

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Eventually, the husband made compromises and unwillingly apologized to his wife. He refused to go shopping with the Redditor to pick the gifts, which made the woman feel terrible for what she had done.

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Under the post, the woman was slammed by the internet. Most criticized her for being ungrateful for what she had received. Her husband was thoughtful and supportive when accepting to take care of their kid and dog so that she could enjoy her birthday with her family. He even gave her gifts for her trip, which was enough to show his care and love for her. Therefore, it was the poster’s fault that she demanded too much from her spouse.

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Some showed sympathy for the husband since he had to satisfy a picky person. With the history of returning or exchanging many birthday gifts, it was plausible when the husband hoped she could pick the present on her own. Redditors stated that if he surprised the woman with the items, she probably was discontented as they did not suit her taste.

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What do you think about the poster? Do you think she was demanding and irrational? Do you have any advice for her to clear the air after her fight with her husband? Have you ever experienced an unpleasant situation on your birthday? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment below!
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