21 Moments In Disney Animated Movies That Were Quite Brutal To Young Viewers

We all know that most Disney movies, as well as other children's cartoon movies, are labeled G, or at least PG in some way or form. G stands for “General Audiences” and PG stands for “Parental Guidance”. However, there are moments when movies that seem to target young audiences have some pretty brutal and outright disturbing moments.
It is undeniable that the writers might have gone a little too far, considering most of their target audiences are kids and preteens. Take the animated movie Mulan produced by Disney for example, when Mulan revealed her real gender as a female, they planned to execute it. However, it is worth noting that Mulan actually saved them from the hunts before her identity was revealed.
For us adults, this isn’t something surprising or even worth considering to be a disturbing moment. However, for a child, it can be quite brutal and can actually haunt them for days, or even until adulthood.
Asides from Mulan, we want to share with you a few more examples like this one. Scroll down to see 21 moments in Disney movies that probably went a bit too far.

#1 Our naive thoughts were unaware that Jafar intended to use his wish to turn Jasmine into his sex slave.

#2 After a fight with Tarzan, Clayton lost his balance and was hung from the vines.

#3 Jasmine was only 15 years old when she was predicted to get married within a year.

#4 Do you recall the Bambi scene where the innocent Bambi was eating with his mother? Three minutes later, there was an abrupt turn of events in which his mother was killed.

#5 Life is miserable when you live with stepparents or stepsiblings, just like Cinderella. They are always around to make the day miserable with their toxic behaviors and actions. While Cinderella was still wearing the dress, her step-sisters tore it to pieces, and her stepmother grinned the entire time.

#6 One of Inside Out's sweetest characters, Bing Bong, demonstrates the true value of friendship by putting his life on the line to save Riley.

#7 Do you recall how Tadashi was destroyed in Big Hero 6? We were also heartbroken by it.

#8 After being snuck into a furnace in Toy Story 3, everyone came to terms with their fate together when they realized there was no way out. Maybe it was hinting a similar event happened in World War 2?

#9 The scene in "The Princess and the Frog" where the voodoo demons literally drag Dr. Facilier to hell.

#10 Simba and Nala may actually be half-siblings through a common father, the king of the Pride Lands, Mufasa, according to lions' natural habitats.

#11 A crucial point in Disney's history occurred when the evil queen in Snow White not only bribed someone to kill her stepdaughter but also brought her heart back as evidence that she was dead.

#12 These toys had to go through something horrible in Toy Story 3, and we weren't even aware of it before.

#13 The main enemy of Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Commander Lyle Tiberius Rourke, perished after becoming crystallized and changing into a blue humanoid monster. Later, a searing red laser beam that caused considerable anguish tore through his body.

#14 Scar told Simba that he had killed his father and thrown Mufasa off a cliff. The moment was quite brutal.

#15 Once Mulan's true gender was discovered, the group plans for her execution, despite the fact that she protected them from the Huns.

#16 Disney occasionally demonstrates just how ruthless a woman can be. Mother Gothel stole an innocent baby and locked her in a tower for the sole purpose staying young forever.

#17 Russell was almost killed when Charles Muntz strapped him to a chair and opened the balloon door.

#18 It appeared as though Frollo was sexually harassing Esmeralda when he held her, smelled her hair, and told her that in his mind, he saw a rope around her neck.

#19 In Pinocchio, the bad guys were turned into donkeys and sold as slave labor on Pleasure Island. This prevented them from involving further in the plot.

#20 Disney occasionally has a cruel streak. And one of the darkest characters in the Disney realm is thought to be Cruella De Vil. She locks and keeps watch of these defenseless Dalmatian puppies, and was prepared to kill them in exchange for a single fur coat.

#21 Many found it harsh when Dumbo's mother was separated from him merely because she was attempting to defend her child.

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