Appeared in The Marvels - Who is Park Seo Joon?

The Marvels is the three-quel for Ms. Marvel, sequel for Captain Marvel. The cast will include many actors and actresses from the previous Movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Also it will introduce many new faces, one of which is Park Seo-joon, a Korean movie star. Simply get to know him in this article.

#1. Park Seo Joon debuted as an actor and TV host.

Get to know Park Seo-joon, appears in The Marvels 1Source: KBS

He started his career in the early 2010s. His first appearance was in a music video of Bang Yong-guk I Remember. He also took supporting roles in a number of TV dramas. Dream High 2 is a notable work among those, in which he acted opposite many popular K-pop idols such as Park Ji-yeon from T-ARA, Jinwoon from 2AM and Hyolyn from SISTAR. From 2013 to 2015, he hosted the well-known weekly music show Music Bank on Korean national channel KBS

#2. 2015 marked a milestone in his acting career.

Get to know Park Seo-joon, appears in The Marvels 2, Park Seo Joon?Source: MBC

After a few years of hard work in the business, Park did not feel optimistic about his career. Even when he got cast as a main character in A Witch's Love with famous actress Uhm Jung-hwa, the TV series was not well received. He even thought of giving up on his acting, considering he was not qualified for a TV/movie star. Fortunately, the new face of The Marvels eventually gained recognition from his series in 2015.
His works in 2015 consisted of Kill Me Heal Me. In this drama, he reunited with Uhm with a supporting role. The show succeeded amazingly and earned him several year-end nominations and awards.
Another hit movie Park took part in that year was She Was Pretty. He and Uhm were the leading couple for the series. It also featured global Hallyu star Choi Si-won from Super Junior. It was a sensation across Korea and internationally. As a result, Park’s fame was rising constantly after this show. In the same year, Park also took a role in thriller movie The Chronicles of Evil and got nominated as Best New Actor three times for his theater debut.

#3. He has remained one of the most well-known Korean actors. 

Get to know Park Seo-joon, appears in The Marvels  3, Park Seo Joon?Source: JTBC

Since 2015, Park has been cast several times for many rom-com projects such as Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, Fight For My Way, Midnight Runners, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, Itaewon Class. He also sang the original soundtracks for his movies and dramas, proving he’s a multi-talented actor. He is claimed as the new drama king, after iconic stars like Hyun-bin, Lee Min-ho and Kim Soo-hyun

#4. His appearance in the MCU will be a new step.

Get to know Park Seo-joon, appears in The Marvels 4, Park Seo JoonSource: Esquire

In recent years, Marvel has been adding more stars of Asian descent, especially in Phase 4. Park Seo-joon joining The Marvels will be a chance for him to work in Hollywood and gain more international fans. Other than The Marvel, he will also play in many upcoming films like Concrete Utopia and Dream
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