5 Animals With Stripes That Are Most Common In Wildlife

The wildlife is fantastic. In nature, animals have developed for thousands of years to become the best versions of themselves. One of the most distinguishing features is camouflage. By their fur and skin’s special colors, these 5 animals with stripes adapt to their habitats.

Let’s have a look at 5 animals with stripes that are most common in wildlife in this post.

#1. Tiger

5 Animals With Stripes Are Most Common In Wildlife 1Source: WWF

If lions dominate the wildlife in Africa, tigers are the kings among wild animals in Asia. They live from the high mountain peaks in Himalaya to Russia and rainforests of Southeast Asia. A tiger’s stripes resemble human’s fingerprints. They are all different in every tiger. Furthermore, they help a tiger to hide itself in the dark and the shadow of a jungle, making it invisible to its prey. Also for this gorgeous furry coat, tigers have been poached to extinction and captured for entertaining purposes. Fortunately, the efforts in tiger conservation are still processing well as the species’ population has been increasing steadily.

#2. Zebra

5 Animals With Stripes Are Most Common In Wildlife 2Source: Live Science

The zebra is also well-known among 5 animals with stripes in this list. They are actually the closest relatives to domesticated horses and ponies in the wild, other than wild horses. They are native to Central and South Africa. Many of us consider zebras to be white with black stripes. Actually their fur’s base color is white with black stripes above. This species is also threatened for lack of food source and reduction of natural habitat due to human’s activities.

#3. Clownfish

5 Animals With Stripes Are Most Common In Wildlife 3Source: Live Science

Being well known after Pixar’s movie Finding Nemo, clownfishes are orange-reddish-colored with three white stripes covering its body vertically. Their homes are around the anemone and lagoons in the Pacific Ocean and the Red Sea. These locations are very rich sources for their living. This species is also common to be pet fishes for aquariums.

#4. Chipmunk

Source: Pest-End

Unlike the three above species, out of 5 animals with stripes listed, the chipmunk has horizontal stripes on its back. These rodents are found in Asia and North America which are adapted to city lives as well as the wildlife. Therefore, it is normal to spot quite a few chipmunks on trees, in parks or on electric wires.

#5. Coral Snake

Source: Working Dog HQ

This deadly snake is found in Asia and America. Their venom can kill an adult so you should keep yourself away from them. Their skins combine three colors, red, yellow and black evenly distributed on their bodies. So if you see a snake with this colorful skin, make sure to not mess around with it. is your daily source for entertainment news and funny stories. If you are interested in more posts about animals, make sure to stay tuned on our animal section.