8 Animals Of The Rainforest That Surprise You For Their Beauty

The rainforest is a type of jungle that is tropical and rainy and moist. They are widespread in Asia, Africa, South America and North Australia. Animals of the rainforest are diverse.

The biggest rainforest on the planet is the Amazon, Brazil. Animals of the rainforest are gorgeous and eye-catching, thanks to the climate conditions.

#1. Great Hornbill

8 Animals Of The Rainforest That Are Known For Their Beauty 1Source: WorldAtlas

This is the biggest species among the hornbill family. A hornbill may live for 50 years in captivity. This species mostly lives in the rainforests of the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. Its bill is distinct for the bright color and length, also down-curved. It makes it easier for the bird to feed on small birds and animals.

#2. Sloth

8 Animals Of The Rainforest That Are Known For Their Beauty 2Source: WorldAtlas

They are the arboreal animals of the rainforest in Central and South America. A sloth may have two or three toes on every limb. They are really well-known for their super slow speed in movement and digestion. This is mostly due to its low-nutritious diet which consists of mostly tree leaves. Therefore they have to save energy by sleeping and doing nothing all day and night long.

#3. Spider Monkey

8 Animals Of The Rainforest That Are Known For Their Beauty 3Source: WorldAtlas

Their name is named after their appearance, which resembles a spider with dark fur color and really long tails. These primates live mainly from Mexico to Brazil’s rainforests. The population of spider monkeys is decreasing since their natural habitats are damaged heavily.

#4. Keel-Billed Toucan

Source: WorldAtlas

It is a beautiful bird species that lives in South America. They are noticeable with yellow feathers at their necks. The toucan builds its own home and lives as a durante.

#5. Okapi

Source: WorldAtlas

The species is a relative of the giraffe. They primarily are active in the daylight isolatedly. These herbivores are unique and native to Democratic Republic of Congo, Central Africa.

#6. Blue Morpho Butterfly

Source: ActiveWild

It is the most beautiful blue morpho species. Living mainly in Latin America. These butterflies may create a great scene when they appear as a group.

#7. Jaguar

Source: WorldAtlas

Big cats dominate the wildlife. Unlike lions and leopards which live in deserts and high mountains, jaguars and tigers are animals of the rainforest which are adapted to the humid environment. These powerful carnivores are incapable of climbing trees, swimming and have insane strength. All of them combined has made them a top of the food chain in the forests. Jaguars live across Asia, Africa to South America.

#8. Macaw

Source: Lafeber

The macaw is a beautiful parrot species. They have been known for the large and short bill, long tail and colorful feathers. There are 19 different parrot families like the great green macaw and scarlet macaw. is your daily source of animal stories and entertainment news. Bookmark our site if you hunger for more updates on wildlife, pet and animal memes.