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  1. 1. KC Joy was convicted of murder years before "Worst Roommate Ever" premiered.
  2. 2. KC Joy gets a face-lift
  3. 3. KC Joy writes a book
  4. 4. KC Joy is quite wealthy
  5. 5. KC Joy pleaded "not guilty"

5 Secrets About KC Joy - "Worst Roommate Ever" That May Shock You

"Worst Roommate Ever" is based on the same-named New York Magazine article, as its title would imply. In the five-episode miniseries, roommates who later turned out to be deadly criminals share their stories. One of the Season 1 tales centers on KC Joy, a convicted murderer whose case is still in debate.
So here are 5 Secrets about K.C Joy that may shock you.

1. KC Joy was convicted of murder years before "Worst Roommate Ever" premiered.

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Ramos and Joy had been roommates for 18 months before her death. On May 3, 2013, Joy called authorities to report his roommate, Maribel Ramos, missing from their Orange, Calif. apartment. He explained that he had last seen her the previous day but she never came home that night. An investigation was launched. Ramos's boyfriend at the time, Paul Lopez, told police that Ramos had argued with Joy over rent money the night she went missing. According to Lopez, Ramos wanted Joy to move out. Through phone records and internet search histories, authorities were able to determine that Joy had murdered Ramos and disposed of her body.

2. KC Joy gets a face-lift

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 Maribel Ramos died at the hands of K.C. Joy in 2014, according to local Southern California headlines. Ramos needed a roommate after her mother died in order to make ends meet. What she didn't realize was that the sweet Joy would have an excessive obsession with Ramos, allegedly spending over $10,000 on plastic surgery to make himself look younger in the hopes of being more appealing to her.

3. KC Joy writes a book

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 Worst Roommate Ever fails to mention that K.C. Joy is working on a book. K.C. Suspect, Guilty Until Proven Innocent is the name of the show. The book will critique the country's legal system while continuing his innocence claim. "Family wants me to apologize, which I cannot apologize for something I haven't done," he said after his sentence. There is little information available regarding the project, but the book will most certainly go into detail about Joy's version of events surrounding Ramos' death, which he has had plenty of time to finalize. Joy might use the book to stress his feelings for Ramos, delving deeper into their bond than the Netflix documentary series revealed.

4. KC Joy is quite wealthy

Source: New York Post

Well, as per our search report, K.C. Joy has been living a great life with his sister. Thus we can say that he is quite wealthy and has achieved great success in his business. He leads a luxurious as well as a lavish life. That simply indicates that KC. Joy has been living a very well-settled life. But, this murder that he did brought a drastic change in his life.

5. KC Joy pleaded "not guilty"

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KC Joy pleaded a "not guilty" plea during his trial and has upheld his innocence ever since. He argued that there wasn't any solid evidence against him in letters to the judge and other outlets throughout the course of the trial. The difficulty of finding information in Worst Roommate Ever is explained by the fact that police struggled to find any physical evidence that directly connected him to the crime. It was only after Joy demonstrated that she had precise knowledge of the body's location that police were able to make an arrest. is a website that provides you with Entertainment information and creative ideas to refresh your days. To know more about updated entertainment news, visit our site daily. 
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