Post-Break-Up Man Confessed To Reddit That He Missed His Ex-Dog Than Ex-Girlfriend

On social networks, many people revealed they were not fond of pets until they had a chance to meet up with one. Out of the blue, these adorable beings appeared and changed their lives for good. Regardless of their desire to stay by these animals' side till eternity, several have to say goodbye. That's when people need help most to get back on their feet and move on. Today we're about to share a story of a young man who was double-kicked out of his relationship. Even though it is sad, to begin with, we believe it's worthwhile reading. Let's start right now!

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The original poster (user account name u/MagicWWD) confessed on the pensive subreddit r/dogs about how he had his soul long for his ex-girlfriend's dog more than anyone he had ever missed. He unveiled that he was heartbroken to find out his lover had cheated on him. As they disbanded and she left with her registered male pup, he couldn't stop thinking of those times he had had with the sweet woofing pal.

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Despite being legally the girl's pet, the dog had been trained and taken care of generally by the OP, which made him feel more desolated. He sorrowfully told that the previous day, he had gone to return the girl's belonging and caught the pup looking at him through the window. He couldn't do anything but burst out into tears as he was driving off.

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Replying to the OP, Reddit firstly consoled him for being betrayed and losing two beloved ones at once. They softly persuaded him that everything had gone to the past, and he had better accept that they were no longer a piece of his future. Even though it was okay to keep the radiant souvenirs in his heart, they expected him to start a new promising journey with many more pawfect friends waiting for him at the rescue shelter.

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While people were telling the OP to get over them, some Redditors had faith that there was a chance to "snatch" the dog provided that the OP had mainly taken care of him. It depended on how the girl would perform her ownership of her pup. If she found it difficult due to her being inexperienced, she would probably let him have the dog. In case he couldn't move on immediately, he might try to keep in touch with the pup until his final choice.

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We wonder if people would have refused the destined meeting, given that they knew they were losing their furry soulmates. Do you mind giving us a piece of your mind? Please hit the like-share button, follow us, and leave your comments in the section below! We're yearning to hear your responses.
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