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Netizens Blast Starbuck Branch Shop Verbally For Demanding Staff Postpone Her Family Pet Euthanization

It is devastating to pet owners to put their long-time friends down. Nonetheless, this loss isn’t always recognized, which can cause emotional damage to animal lovers who have just lost their fur pals. Is there a way that we spread sympathy and compassion to all our pet-adoring buddies in their darkest moments? Let’s find out after reading a Starbuck staff’s story from start to finish!

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The original poster with her user account u/lailette shared the between her and the branch manager conversation’s screencaps to the salty subreddit r/antiwork to find some rapport. She detailed that her family had scheduled their pet dog euthanization. So she texted the manager that she wouldn’t be at work the morning after the dog’s mercy putting down. Also, she was asking her co-workers to cover her shift.

Source: u/lailette

Source: u/lailette

But she emphasized that no matter if anyone granted her or not, she would take that shift off anyway because she knew she would be in the worst mood for work. Then, the manager demanded she should rearrange the dog’s euthanized day so it wouldn’t affect her working schedule. Replying to him, she angrily spoke that letting her dog suffer even for just one more day was cruel and heartless. As a result, she decided to quit the job after two and a half years of diligent work after giving him two more weeks to regroup his staff.

Source: u/lailette

Source: u/lailette

Redditors showed their empathy and sympathy with the OP. They were sorry for her loss and wished her to overcome the pain. They felt sad that many non-pet owners didn’t appreciate the love for animals. They knew that some people didn’t change their colors, hence the OP did the right thing to leave and find new places that could consider her emotions and tolerate them.

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Besides, Redditors shared their stories about how they weren’t condoned to find consolation and mental resting after saying farewell to their furbabies. However, they had learned to cherish the precious values of life and wouldn’t let the stormful world take the privilege and deny their families.

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In addition, Redditors were furious with how industrial and economic fast-food brands treated their employees. They claimed that if they were forced to work right after their pets’ passing away, they would sob and howl in front of the clients and expose the managers’ hypocrisy.

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