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7 Toy Story Memes That Are Relatable To Your Love Life

Since Toy Story has been released, it has stolen the hearts of millions of people because of both the lovely and funny moments.
Here are the 7 best toy story memes that are relatable to your love life.

1. When your friend tries to tell you how happy the marriage life will be

Source: Know Your Meme

 2. When you meet her for the first time (Picking Up The Pieces)

Source: Los Angeles Times

3. When you finally meet your soulmate

Source: Wizard Dojo

4. When you used too much hair wax and don’t want her to look

Source: Youtube

5. When you try to tell your friend how trapping she is

Source: IMDb

 6. When you come home after a long day and your husband hasn’t woken up

Source: Product Placement Blog

7. When you try to know if he loves you or not

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