15 Stars Shocked Us As They Dramatically Changed Their Look 

Audiences always keep their eyes peeled for celebrities once they show up. That’s why even the smallest change of them can break the Internet. In particular, several celebrities have some striking changes in their look that make fans not able to comprehend what they’re seeing.
In fact, the appearance change of famous people is inevitable. There are some singers or actors who impress the audience with their chubby bodies at first. However, they substantially slim down to get a healthy life. And their fans need time to get familiar with their new look.
Besides, some actors rose to fame with their young and sweet looks when they’re young. But over time, they get ages and more rough looks, making fans cry a river. Not to mention, several stars deal with plastic surgery rumors when they have stark changes on their face.
These 15 following singers and actors are examples of a massive transformation that downright surprises fans. Let's check them out!

#1 Adele

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Fans are always excited each time Adele makes an appearance. 2 years ago, she shocked fans with her change of look. There was no chubby Adele that fans get familiar with, she lost 19 kilos. And so far, she has lost a staggering 100 pounds.

#2 Jennifer Hudson

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The “I Still Love You” singer also made an impressive weight loss - 80 pounds. Although she gave fans a little bit of shock with her body changing, she looks gorgeous now.

#3 Chris Pratt

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Peter Quill in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy surprised fans with his different face. The rumor came up that he underwent plastic surgery.

#4 Miley Cyrus

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From an adorable Miley Stewart in Hannah Montana, she is now a provocative Miley Cyrus that grips the attention with her shocking appearance.

#5 Gigi Hadid

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Over the years, Hadid gets a lot of rumors of plastic surgery for her stark transformation. Yet she denied and even shared that she's “terrified” of getting anything injected into her famous face.

#6 Gwen Stefani

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Like Gigi Hadid, the blatant change in Stefani's visuals reignited the concern about her plastic surgery. Her fans even begged her to get off of the fillers.

#7 Katy Perry

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Another famous star faced with a plastic surgery rumor is Katy Perry. The Dark Horse singer seems to have some changes in her nose, so some people believed she went through rhinoplasty or a nose operation.

#8 Kendall Jenner

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Kendall Jenner’s career is intertwined with her plastic surgery rumors. Fans first noticed that Jenner's nose became smaller in 2012. Her face also appeared more slender the year after.

#9 Kristen Stewart

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Kristen Stewart always melts fan hearts with her charming look and also her dazzling long hair. Yet once she shocked the fan as she buzzed her head. She did this for a role in Underwater.

#10 Zac Efron

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Since his High School Musical days, Zac Efron has gone through many transformations. In the “Down to Earth” series, he appeared with a more rugged look as donning his beard. That makes fans quite miss him as a fresh look from the good ol’ days.

#11 Rebel Wilson

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Another star who made an impressive weight loss is Rebel Wilson. She lost almost 80 pounds that reached her goal weight. Her fans are happy for her, yet a part of them misses her adorably chubby look before.

#12 Vanessa Hudgens

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Along with Zac, Vanessa Hudgens also broke her lovely look from High School Musical. She now looks sexier, and in fact, she had cosmetic surgery. Her nose is narrower and her face is much more prominent the upper lip fuller.

#13 Jonah Hill

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The comedy actor is well-known for his chubby body, along with hilarious jokes. Yet he opted to lose significant weight and that surprised his fans.

#14 Shia LaBeouf

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The Transformer actor has an unrecognizable look now. He looks rougher with his beard.

#15 Bella Hadid

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The model and social media star granted that she had a nose job that made her face look so different than before.
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