Emily In Paris 2 Cast: Who Are They?

The two seasons of Emily In Paris are must-watches for any Paris lover. They demonstrate the best sides of the City of Lights. The huge success of Season 1 has been followed by Netflix making Season 2.
Are you curious which actors and actresses took part in the Emily In Paris 2 cast? Let’s find out in this article.

#1.Lily Collin as Emily Cooper

Meet Emily In Paris 2 Cast: Who Are They? 1Source: Netflix

Emily is the leading role in both seasons. They tell the story of this young American college student who challenges herself in Paris with her career path and later romance life.Collin is a UK-born actress but later settled in Los Angeles. During her childhood, she made her debut appearance in the sitcom Growing Pains airing on BBC. Her works consist of many thrilling, dark-themed Movies and TV shows. Her talents have been well demonstrated through various projects such as Extremely, Shockingly Evil and Vile, City of Bones, Abduction, and Mirror Mirror.

#2. Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu as Sylvie

Meet Emily In Paris 2 Cast: Who Are They? 2Source: Netflix

The French-Italian actress played Emily’s new boss at Savoir in Paris. Sadly, not very fond of Emily, she makes her go through a lot of hardships in and out the office.Philippine’s acting career is primarily in France. Mistral's Daughter was her first American debut which is based on the same titled novel of Judith Krantz.

#3. Ashley Park as Mindy

Meet Emily In Paris 2 Cast: Who Are They? 3Source: Netflix

Mindy has become friends with Emily after an unexpected occasion. Afterwards, she helps Emily to fit in Parisians’ life as a foreigner.The actress who portrayed this character has several Broadway projects. Her notable theater works are Mean Girls and The King. Lately, she has been cast in another Netflix series named Tales of the City.

#4. Lucas Bravo as Gabriel

Source: Netflix

Gabriel is the charming neighbor of Emily. After several times he meets with Emily by chance, there is a friendship soon-to-be complicated relationship has grown between those two. To be exact, it is a love triangle.Before participating in the Emily In Paris 2 cast, Bravo was a model and actor in France. Due to the series’ international recognition, his career has more opportunities. As a result, the actor has a number of upcoming movies in America such as The Honeymoon, Ticket to Paradise or Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris. All three are confirmed to premiere shortly.

#5. Samuel Arnold as Julien

Source: Netflix

Julien is Emily's colleague in Savoir. He understands her struggles and always does his best to comfort her. Emily also sees him as a helping friend.Being a new actor in the Emily In Paris 2 cast, he is also a dancer who appeared in Antony & Cleopatra, a play by National Theater. He also acted in French comedy Platane.
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