40 Random Babies That Look Like Hollywood Stars

People are always stunned by something that rarely happens, such as a doppelgänger. Once we come across some iconic doppelgängers, we literally can’t stop scrolling down the list of that pictures. They may be the comparisons between two celebrities.or celebrities and normal people who share similarities in their appearances. They look like each other like 2 drops of water that leave all of us in awe. But have you ever imagined the doppelgänger of celebrities with babies?
Some people might think it’s ridiculous because of the massive difference in their facial proportions. Indeed, many infants around the world truly bear passing resemblances to famous people. And, this list of pictures below is a good example for someone who disagrees. The chubby cheeks are strikingly similar to their famous look-alikes.
Today, we have compiled a list of 40 random babies who truly look like our celebrities. Keep scrolling down and enjoy!

#1 Gandalf the Toddler

Source: Reddit

In the Lord of the Rings, Gandalf looks extremely old. Now, we have a chance to look at him in a much younger version.

#2 Little Jennifer Garner

Source: Impressio

Regardless of the cuteness and the beauty of the two, we are discussing how much the pair resemble each other.

#3 Mini-John Legend

Source: rahelllaa/Arthur Mola

This snapshot of a baby was shared on social media and the cute baby was immediately compared to John Legend. They just look like two peas in a pod.

#4 Ed Sheeran’s Perfect Doppelganger

Source: Shareably

We can see the striking parallels between the newborn and one of most favorite musicians in the world.

#5 An Even Smaller Version of Danny Devito

Source: Imgur

When this infant's photo was shared on the internet, people are excited because he looks strikingly similar to the "It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia" star.

#6 The Baby Version of Bill Maher

Source: Wikinbio

Talk show presenter and political commentator Bill Maher has a baby doppelganger.

#7 Little Chef Ramsey

Source: Imgur

If the newborn grew up with the talent of famous Chef Gordon Ramsey, what would you say?

#8 A Little Patton Oswald

Source: Candelaestereo

Patton Oswald might be not one of the most famous actors, but he has always loved considerable acclaim. And, he might also be happy to know that he has a little doppelganger.

#9 Amy Schumer

Source: Shareably

This picture is so amazing, the baby's nose and mouth just look like Amy's. How cute they are!

#10 A Jay-Z Look-Alike Is Born

Source: Reddit

People effortlessly figure out their similarities.

#11 Nice Stripes

Source: Imgur

Look at the emotional face of the baby when hearing the news that he looks like Nice Stipes. Even their clothes are also nothing different.

#12 Very Confusing

Source: Reddit

This infant nails Pikingtons's iconic bewildered expression better than the guy himself.

#13 Baby Brown

Source: Shareably

The only difference here is their age gap.

#14 Wallace Shawn’s Doppelganger

Source: Reddit

Wondering what the Toy Story, The Incredibles, and Chicken Little star, Wallace Shawn, look like when he was young? Here is the answer.

#15 A Tiny Duplicate of Simon Pegg

Source: Reddit

The actor and comedian, Simon Pegg, always has a bright disposition, but the baby on the left is completely something special.

#16 A Cuter Version of Joe Keery

Source: Shareably

There's another infant lookalike from the cast of Stranger Things.

#17 Little Usher

Source: Facebook

Famous singer Usher has been prominent for years, but now he might have a rival. The baby boy seems to be an upgraded version of the singer in the future.

#18 Phil From Rugrats

Source: Facebook

Imagine how these parents were stunned when they saw a resemblance between their child and Phil Deville from Rugrats, a truly iconic show.

#19 Baby Twin of Rob Ford

Source: Dailymail

The same hairstyle and double chins are not enough for them. They are cosplaying the facial structure.

#20 A Miniature Copy of Rapper Ja Rule

Source: housediver

It's hard to deny the similarities between the two.

#21 Another British Cook Look-Alike

Source: Nova

Their startling parallels stem primarily from their eyes and hair.

#22 Ryan Gosling’s La La Boy

Source: Shareably

The boy looks happy because he looks like everyone's crush Ryan Gosling. There's nothing to worry about when the actor guarantees beauty, he might think that.

#23 Tiny Putin

Source: Reddit

The infant on the left looks like the Russian leader Vladimir Putin, especially the identical skull shapes.

#24 Mrs. Doubtfire – the Baby Version

Source: Elpintogrande / Bored panda

The resemblance is amazingly striking, and the glasses are a good finishing tough.

#25 Little Nathan Lane

Source: Facebook

Famous actor Nathan rose to his stardom with his distinctive look. But now it doesn't correct anymore.

#26 Cute Little Kid Resembles Kevin from The Office

Source: @aaj

It's no doubt that the expression was worn best by the infant on the left.

#27 The Reincarnation of Einstein

Source: George Hodan via

It was the wild hairstyle and his love of being silly and sticking his tongue out. Their eyes are also much lookalike.

#28 Resembling Corey Feldman of the 1980s

Source: Mommy Shorts

This boy on the right is Corey Feldman who was a major star in the teen movie industry of the 1980s. We can't help but think that the baby on the left looks like another child star, Hemione Grande!

#29 Cam With Less Hair

Source: mckellm8

The parent of the infant shared the picture of their son on social media and people immediately spot the resemblances with Cam.

#30 Another Wallace Shawn Look-Alike

Source: Reddit

The newborn has many traits in common with the famous actor Wallace Shawn.

#31 Miniature Victor Garber

Source: Bored Panda

Although their heads have little difference in shape, they look also identical.

#32 The Iconic Face of MAD Magazine

Source: Mommy Shorts

The man on the right is Alfred E. Newman, and he was the face of MAD magazine. The baby boy on the left is a dead ringer for the cartoon icon, regardless of his lack of freckles.

#33 Royal Blood Found

Source: Reddit

He happily discovers they look like a real-life royal.

#34 A Miniature Version of Chris Farley

Source: Facebook

You will regret it if you haven’t seen any of Chris Farley’s movies because he had some great hits in the ’90s. Babyfaces are nothing new to him, as evidenced by the shot, and the baby kid on the left gives a brilliant impression of him.

#35 Mini Garth Algar

Source: Wayne’s World via IMDb

The boys’ glasses certainly portrayed a significant role in the similarities. But there are other similarities between them as well. First, the baby’s face looks a lot like Garth Algar from Wayne’s World.

#36 The Baby Conan O’Brien

Source: @ra2ej

Conan is a much-loved late-night host, so we consider it fair that he has a little version of himself. Indeed, we must retract what we have said before. They have more in common than just striking hair. Both have blue eyes and charming grins.

#37 Similar but Different

Source: Facebook

The eyes are the same color and shape as the Mini-Me and that's really the only similarity between the two eyes. Besides, this kid is even cuter than his famous doppelganger.

#38 The Tiny Human Version of Mr. Stay-Puft

Source: Facebook

In regards to his cartoon self, we find this little boy quite adorable.

#39 Philip Seymour Hoffman but Tiny

Source: Imgur

It's no doubt that this boy has studied his celebrity-like expressions, as he mimics him almost perfectly in this photo. Still, the baby's hair looks exactly like Philip Seymour Hoffman's, except for a cute strand in the front.

#40 An Early Showbiz Icon

Source: Facebook

When the image on the left was published, some observers noticed striking similarities between the two images. She also has the eyes and grin of Shirley Temple. Although we know the actress was older than when she first rose to fame and acclaim, they appear to be the same age in this photo.
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