5 Secrets You Don't Know About Nam Ra - All Of Us Are Dead

Nam Ra (Cho Yi-Hyun), the class president in the movie All Of Us Are Dead. Many viewers have fallen in love with Nam Ra and the actress herself as a result of Yi-portrayal Hyun's role.
Here are 5 secrets about her that will help you learn more about her.

1. Nam Ra used to be in JYP Entertainment


Cho Yi-Hyun joined JYP Entertainment in 2016 as a trainee actress after passing the audition. She admitted that she was the eldest among her fellow acting trainees in the same interview with JTBC. She put a lot of effort into her career before signing an exclusive deal with JYP Entertainment in October 2018. In August of the following year, Cho Yi-Hyun parted ways with JYP Entertainment and joined her current agency, Artist Company. Cho Yi-Hyun has acted in well-known films including Hospital Playlist, School 2021, and All Of Us Are Dead since joining the Artist Company.

2. She always wants a non-bloody project

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Cho Yi-Hyun emphasized her desire to perform a role in which her character does not have to shed blood, sweat, or tears prior to acting in All Of Us Are Dead. This was due to her past jobs requiring a lot of "blood, sweat, and tears," as she put it. Cho Yi-Hyun, fortunately, is a fan of the zombie genre and stated that shedding blood and weeping her eyes out on screen could be fun as well.

3. She won the Best Couple Award with Kim Yohan

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 She got the Best Couple Award at the 2021 KBS Drama Awards for her part in School 2021 and her amazing chemistry with co-star Kim Yohan, who is a member of the group WEi. Yi-Hyun even posted a selfie of herself with Yohan on Instagram in December, confirming their title as the best couple.

4. She is a close friend of Momoland’s Nancy

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Nancy and Yi-Hyun both attended Hanlim Multi Art School. They were in the same class for three years, and they naturally became close friends. Cho Yi-Hyun, Yoon Chan-young, and Park Ji-hu appeared on Kim Shin-radio young's show Noon's Song Of Hope on January 25th. Yi-hyun referred to Nancy as her best friend on the show and even requested Momoland's most recent song.

5. She has muscles in her right arm (because of School 2021)

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Jin Ji-won is a student at School 2021 who is ambitious to become a carpenter. "Whenever I’m faced with a situation, I always try to think of it from Jin Ji Won's perspective," Cho Yi-Hyun explained in an interview with the Korean news outlet Newsen. Yi-Hyun was so focused and energetic that she ended up with a right arm that was much more muscular than her left! is a website that provides you with entertainment information and creative ideas to refresh your days. To know more about updated entertainment news, visit our site daily.
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