If You Want To Know What Being Unlucky Really Means, Ask These Folks

Are you one of those who always experience a terrible day? I know that having a bad day is not easy. Life can be full of frustrations - an argument with your teenager over breakfast, a missed train, or even just the pain when you bump your pinky toe on a table leg can make you wish you could come back home and curl up in your bed. But always remember that just because you have a bad day, it doesn't always indicate that you have a bad life.
You might wonder why you have bad luck and why the universe is out to get you. But I can be sure that the folks below are more unfortunate than you. If you don't believe us, scroll down to check them out. We have collected some of the most unlucky stories that people have shared on the Internet. Scroll down below to check these unfortunate folks out for yourself, and be prepared to feel some schadenfreude too!

#1. My car this morning...

Source: ArreBarre1

#2. How do I remove it?

Source: leh_Oreo

#3. I got hit by a turkey at 65 mph

Source: k_1_n_g_c_0_1_e

#4. Hail damage to my Grandparents patio chair

Source: karocako

#5. There were 12 minutes left in the washing cycle when I saw this

Source: No-Self7717

#6. Circle of glass knocked out of window by chip of concrete thrown from circular saw cutting kerbstone outside

Source: Crimpshrine27

#7. This was a while ago but somehow i randomly got testicular torsion. this is the only photo proof of the surgery required afterward

Source: tax-collecting

#8. My new auto-folding umbrella just ejected when I tried to open it

Source: B-onexyz

#9. Accidentally dropped my mom's bead case. Will be busy for the next 12 hours

Source: ProUnilino

#10. Went to the gas station last night for 5 minutes to get beer and came back to this. My room is the window to the right. I feel insanely lucky right now. Might go gambling later

Source: babyspoot

#11. Our front stairs randomly collapsed today

Source: Capocho9

#12. My window blew out, but the glass didn't break

Source: coinstash

#13. The ear-shaped handle broke off of my Vincent van Gogh coffee mug

Source: superbritni

#14. Mom, I swear it wasn't me

Source: [deleted]

#15. I stopped at an Ace hardware, and asked for a nut and bolt, handing him the one I pulled off my post hole diggers. He looked dejected and apologetic, telling me he was sorry, that department is closed. He then showed me this. Most the drawers spilled out onto the floor

Source: sidusnare

#16. Went fishing, caught two branches in a row, went to take a sip of my Arizona, except there was a bee in it

Source: Hegfith

#17. I broke my boyfriend's tempered glass while cleaning up his PC, time to pack my bags because I'm gonna be single when he gets back home

Source: Darly-Mercaves

#18. My roommate recently ran a marathon with a headband on, it resulted in a mildly interesting tan line

Source: mobious622

#19. Hiked for two hours to see these waterfalls

Source: Pikachuzita

#20. Well, I won't be parking the truck here anymore

Source: SnowardPush

#21. When you really have to go but can't find the right key in time

Source: AemiliusH

#22. Bought a PS5 for my son’s birthday. Someone at UPS swapped it out with a rock

Source: [deleted]

#23. Dropped my cologne in my sink

Source: BobbySevenKnuckles

#24. I accidentally ripped out my eyelashes an hour before I got married

Source: landofbizarre

#25. Bought these binoculars specifically to go to the Grand Canyon today

Source: Ericalva91

#26. Guess what kind of animal nonchalantly pushed my mug from the table

Source: amazingsandwiches

#27. Walking home with a surprise

Source: FederalEquivalent583

#28. A student in my class tried using 4 devices to cheat on a quiz, but somehow managed to get the wrong answer on all of them

Source: Character-Ad4440

#29. Left my work gloves outside for a couple of days. Went to got them and found this

Source: another-modern-leper

#30. Just trying to ride a bike near a nesting magpie

Source: g_nome7

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