Animals You Definitely Find When Come To India: A Helpful Guide

India is not only about yoga and Taj Mahal or Bollywood, this subcontinent also serves as a majestic wildlife scene. It is the world’s 5th biggest country. Therefore the amount of animals you might find in India is also significant.
In this post, let’s take a look at a few notable species.

#1. Bengal Tiger

Animals You Might Find In India: A Helpful Guide, Bengal TigerSource: The Independent

This species is among the symbolic animals you might find in India. Bengal tigers are among the biggest big cats in the whole world. They are fierce and majestic with beautiful black and orange fur. In consequence, this has become a valuable body part of them and many tigers were poached for illegal trading. This species was close to extinction but thanks to conservation, the population has been steadily increasing. In history, powerful individuals did capture them for Entertainment or as a way to demonstrate their high status in the society. Nowadays it is an essential task for the Indian government and other wildlife protection corporations to conserve this animal.

#2. Asian Elephant

Animals You Might Find In India: A Helpful Guide, Asian ElephantSource: ThoughtCo

Asiatic elephants are another respected wild animals for their intelligence and high society. Compared to African elephants, these are smaller in size and only the male ones have tusks. They live across South Asia (India, Nepal) and Southeast Asia. Unfortunately, there have been great threats to this species because of illegal poaching and loss of habitat. The population has drastically decreased since the last 20th century. It is also very vital to protect this mighty species.

#3. Indian Cobra

Animals You Might Find In India: A Helpful Guide, Indian CobraSource: Sci.News

This is one of the most poisonous snakes in the world. They are also called naja naja for its signature sound. You might have already seen them in different movies or TV series such as Jafar's Snake in Disney’s Aladdin. It is an usual stereotype that this cobra comes with bad luck and death. In reality, the venom of this animal is actually deadly. They live across the country even in the wild or residential zones.

#4. Indian Peacock

Animals You Might Find In India: A Helpful Guide, Indian PeacockSource:

The Indian peacock is the National Bird of India. It is well-known for its colorful tail, found in male birds. During its mating season, the males usually spread their tails to attract the females and even do dances to impress them. Hunting and killing this species is permitted by Indian laws. 

#5. Snow Leopard

Animals You Might Find In India: A Helpful Guide, Snow LeopardSource: India's Endangered

This animal is among the only animals you might find in India or its neighboring countries. They live on high mountains and are able to climb and hunt really well. Its fur is fascinating by the color, just like any big cat species that habitat in high mountains and cold regions. The thick body and fur helps them survive in these areas. is your daily source of animal stories and entertainment news. Bookmark our site if you hunger for more updates on wildlife, pet and animal memes.
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