Top 5 Of The Strongest DC Characters From DCEU, Ranked 

The DC Extended Universe is also known as Warner Bros.’s cinematic universe for DC characters from comics. After a decade of development, who are the strongest DC characters from these movies?
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#1. Superman

Top 5 Of The Strongest DC Characters From DCEU, Ranked  1Source: WB

Superman is basically a Kryptonian, which is an alien. Moreover, he is probably the strongest Kryptonian since his biological father gave him the power of the whole planet Krypton, before sending him to earth. He is also the symbol of justice, strength, speed and invulnerability. Considering himself a god to human beings, Clark Kent is fated as a superhero who has to save the world. In Justice League (2017), he is also proven to be mortal and was brought back from death. 

#2. Doomsday

Top 5 Of The Strongest DC Characters From DCEU, Ranked 2Source: WB

Doomsday is the upgraded version of Dru-Zod, one of Superman’s significant enemies. This creature has been created with the foremost purpose: to kill the Man of Steel. This villain is so durable that no weapon or force could damage him. Its rapid recovery is also an extra point on top of that. Eventually, Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman have to team up and use all of their power to get rid of Doomsday. Unfortunately, Superman also sacrifices for this victory.

#3. Wonder Woman

Top 5 Of The Strongest DC Characters From DCEU, Ranked  3Source: WB

Even in comics or Movies, the goddess remains as one of the strongest DC characters and superheroes. Her super power and experiences in battle make her a deadly woman. Wonder Woman has been fighting Doomsday and Superman with no injuries. Her speed is also remarkable as how she could save people with a bullet flying toward them. Her weapons such as Lasso of Truth even empower her even more.

#4. The Flash

Source: WB

The Flash’s most important power is his speed. Apart from the fact that he's thousands times faster than usual, his healing process is also incredible. Among the strongest DC characters, he is simply the fastest. Moreover, he is still a new superhero who has not gained his power to the fullest. As time goes by and the more experience he gets, he may unlock his super sonic mode, which is his most powerful mode. 

#5. Aquaman

Source: WB

He’s one of the strongest DC characters underwater. His incapability is enormous when he could save the whole team from drowning. The king of Atlantis may also control water waves like making whirlpools and travel across the ocean. He is also very strong and could take hits from Steppenwolf with no damage or survive tsunamis. Aquaman is literally the strongest when he’s under the sea. There is no enemy in his area, even his half-brother Orm. 
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