See What Happened To The Cast Of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman

One of the most iconic medical dramas of the 90s, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman is a feminist statement before our woke era. Dr. Quinn was a strong-willed female doctor who was not hesitant to speak out for what was right, which is rarely seen in the show’s 1860s Western setting.
Created and executive produced by Beth Sullivan and starring Jane Seymour, the show is one of the staples of our pop culture.
We all remember the show, and so do our parents. While the content is family-friendly, for the most part, the show also features some brothels and lots of talk of prostitution. Our parents must have had a field day trying to explain the concepts to us.
The show also makes a great launchpad for many actors the show into their stardom. So, see what happens to the cast of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman after the show is over.

#1 Jane Seymour - Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn

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For 149 episodes, Jane Seymour portrayed Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn, the eponymous character of "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman." For her role as Dr. Quinn, Seymour received two Emmy nods, three Golden Globe nominations, and one Golden Globe victory.
Seymour is still kicking butt as she did in Colorado Springs. Oh, and she's stunning and maturing like a beautiful wine. She is working on a number of projects, demonstrating Seymour's actual staying power.

#2 Joe Lando - Byron Sully

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Joe Lando was the long-haired, muscular, and tanned actor who broke hearts as Byron Sully in "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman." Sully's plot revolved around the usual "will they, won't they" drama as Dr. Quinn's love interest. However, Sully eventually wins the girl and they live happily ever after.
Joe Lando, too, lived happily ever after. The actor shaved his long hair and appeared in series such as "Higher Ground," "Wildfire," and "The Bold and the Beautiful." The handsome actor is also open to a "Dr. Quinn" revival.

#3 Orson Bean - Loren Bray

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Loren Bray, the general store proprietor in Colorado Springs, was played by Orson Bean in "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman." Unlike his on-screen counterpart, who is crotchety and frequently difficult, Bray was a crotchety and frequently obnoxious long-time comic. Bean was a humanitarian who was also hilarious.
Bean's life was tragically cut short in 2020 when he was killed by a vehicle in Los Angeles. The actor was crossing a roadway in Venice when he was hit by one automobile and then another. It was ruled an accident.

#4 Jessica Bowman - Colleen Cooper

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Jessica Bowman took over for the original Colleen Cooper on "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman." Bowman portrayed Colleen Cooper on "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman" for three seasons and 88 episodes.
She's been in a few TV Movies since then, including "Young Hearts Unlimited," "Lethal Vows," and "Joy Ride," and even had an uncredited appearance in Adam Sandler's comedy "50 First Dates." Bowman, on the other hand, appears to have chosen a more tranquil, private life, since she hasn't received any acting credits since 2011.

#5 Chad Allen - Matthew Cooper

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In "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman," Chad Allen portrayed Matthew Cooper, the eldest of three children adopted by Dr. Quinn after their mother is murdered by a poisonous snake. Allen succeeded well with the Western drama, earning multiple awards and nominations.
A tabloid openly outed the young actor as homosexual in 1996. Despite this, he worked as an openly homosexual actor for over 15 years. Allen has now left the Entertainment industry to pursue a career as a clinical psychologist.

#6 Henry G. Sanders - Robert E.

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For 107 episodes, actor Henry G. Sanders played Robert E., a former slave separated from his wife and children, with depth and heart.
Sanders was in the army and survived two tours in Vietnam before moving to Los Angeles and pursuing a career in acting. He's written other plays that have been presented since "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman," and he was even rumored to be talking with a writer/director regarding a movie script he wrote on the Iran-Contra scandal.

#7 Jonelle Allen - Grace

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Over five years, Jonelle Allen played Grace in 107 episodes of "Dr. Quinn." Allen was ecstatic about the chance to correctly depict the power, tenacity, and beauty of Black people in the American West.
Despite continuing to face bigotry in the entertainment industry, she teaches at the Young American College for the Performing Arts and continues to perform around the country.

#8 William Shockley - Hank Lawson

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For five seasons, William Shockley played Hank Lawson, the owner, and operator of Colorado Springs' bar and brothel.
Shockley has had numerous more appearances in film and television after leaving "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman," but appears to have largely switched into voiceover work. According to his résumé on the Team Two Entertainment website, Shockley had a country music radio show called "The Road" and was the voice of several major corporations such as Sony, AT&T, Toyota, and Fruit of the Loom.

#9 Georgann Johnson - Elizabeth Quinn

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In "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman," Georgann Johnson portrayed Elizabeth Quinn, Dr. Mike Quinn's genteel East Coast mother. Between 1993 and 1997, the renowned actress guest-starred in eight episodes of the Western drama.
Johnson's acting credits included Broadway, television, and movies. She starred in TV shows such as "Seinfeld," "JAG," "Cold Case," and "Ghost Whisperer," as well as theater productions such as "The Pajama Game." She died in 2018 at the age of 91, according to an obituary released by her family in the Los Angeles Times.

#10 Geoffrey Lower - Reverend Timothy Johnson

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Lower played the reverend in 118 episodes of "Dr. Quinn" from 1993 to 1998. During that period, he witnessed Rev. Johnson transform from a rejected lover by Dr. Quinn herself to a blind man committed to serving his parish no matter what.
The actor continues to work in theatre and television. Interestingly, post-" Dr. Quinn," he obtained real estate and general construction licenses and began flipping properties in Los Angeles with his wife. He also owns a huge and lovely dog named Kioko.

#11 Frank Collison - Horace Bing

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For 118 episodes of the Western drama, Frank Collison played Horace Bing, bringing his romance with Myra from hopeless love through marriage, children, and final divorce.
Collison must have enjoyed the dramatic progression of Horace's character since he continued to perform in cinema, on television, and on stage, after the program ended. He assisted in the establishment of the Pacific Resident Theatre in Venice, California, and, according to his website, even starred in Zoom-based performances during the COVID-19 epidemic.

#12 Barbara Babcock - Dorothy Jennings

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Barbara Babcock portrayed Dorothy Jennings on "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman" for 98 episodes. Dorothy Jennings did not have it easy on the program, so the actress gave lots of grit to the character.
Babcock spent months traveling all over the world, from Kenya and South Africa to Peru, but she ultimately established semi-permanent roots in 2002, when she returned to Carmel, California, to renovate and reside in her old family home. Unfortunately, Babcock was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease shortly afterward.

#13 Jim Knobeloch - Jake Slicker

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Knobeloch portrayed the doctor/barber in the Western drama for 128 episodes.
He continued to act for a while, starring in a few TV episodes and getting a cameo in "King Kong." He afterward relocated to Australia. Knobeloch's wife allegedly denied ever agreeing to reside in Australia, and the couple divorced.
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